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Day 2 – St. Paul Center Priesthood Conference

About that strange card game last night. One of you readers wrote: They are playing a game called The Grizzled, which is a tricky cooperative game about soldiers in World War I. You may be interested to know that the … Read More

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17 July 1794: “Mother, permission to die?”

In 1794, the Place de la Nation on the east side of Paris was called the Place du Trône-Renversé… Toppled Throne Square. In 1792 a guillotine was set up here and the killing began. Robespierre and Barère made terror an … Read More

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URGENT ACTION ITEM: Note from long-time reader who is dying

I received a note from a long-time reader and comment contributor, Supertradmum … I have been in hospital again because one of my lungs with cancer is failing. This means that the fluid which builds up and was expelled every … Read More

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