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SSPX video of their amazing new US church project.

There is an amazing video available of an amazing project mounted by the SSPX in these USA.  They are building a huge and beautiful new church. One of the things I find interesting about this video is the intelligent commentary … Read More

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BOOK: In Praise of the Tridentine Mass and of Latin, Language of the Church

What a great title! The nice folks at Angelico Press sent a copy of In Praise of the Tridentine Mass and of Latin, Language of the Church by Fr. Roberto Spataro, Secretary of the Pontifical Academy for Latin. US HERE … Read More

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WDTPRS – 15th Ordinary Sunday: Too far right or too far left, we wind up in the ditch in the dark

This week, the 15th Ordinary Sunday in the Novus Ordo calendar, we have a good example of the dramatic difference between the old, Obsolete ICEL version we suffered with for decades, and the Latin with the Current ICEL version. The Collect … Read More


“Damn!”, quoth I.  “That’s the spirit.” Coasties getting the job done.

Last night I saw on the news a video of a Coastie jump onto a moving surfaced submarine hauling narcotics to these USA and pound the hatch till it opened. “Damn!”, quoth I.  “That’s the spirit.  That’s an object lesson.” … Read More

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How credible is “credible” in allegations against priests?

The accusations – based on a repressed memory of something 40 years ago – about Fr. Eduard Perrone in the Archdiocese of Detroit continue to raise questions.  Dark questions. Something is not right about this. Michael Voris is digging in.  … Read More

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