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Really old frozen permafrost critters revived. What could possibly go wrong?

This is creepy. At National Post I see a story about some folks who revived a bunch of moss and microbes from hundreds of years ago that lay frozen under a glacier. Yeah… it’s growing. And they found wormy things, … Read More

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Tour Talk – 2019 Tour de France

I am sure you already are deep into it, but for those of you who are behind the curve, the 2019 Tour de France is underway. In my distant youth I did a little cycling, so I have a taste … Read More

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The Church Militant and You

I had reason this morning to review what I might have written about our state in the Church in this earthly realm and I found this. It struck me as something that might be helpful, given what’s going on right … Read More

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William F. Buckley and Fulton Sheen on Firing Line! 1970

This is great. William F. Buckley had Archbp Fulton Sheen on Firing Line in 1970. I especially enjoyed Buckley’s comments about the National Catholic Reporter! (aka Fishwrap, aka National Schismatic Reporter) Listen at 34:30!

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