A National Review response to stupefied @JamesMartinSJ

The other day Jesuit golden boy and homosexualist activist James Martin tweeted…


Virtually every major order or institute in the Church has a female parallel.   Not the Jesuits, who have opposed women from the start. More HERE  Martin should spend his considerable money and time in the awakening… the “woke”ing? of his own anti-woman Society.

Today at National Review Declan Leary has a piece with a seriously funny title: What America Magazine Gets Wrong about the Mass

Imagine! What Jesuits get wrong about liturgy! You know the old phrase about Holy Week and Jesuits.

Leary comments on Jasmine’s advocacy for women preaching at Mass, about which he had tweeted. Leary writes [NB – hyphen alert!]:

Throughout the piece Molesky-Poz writes positively of women turning away from the Church in protest of their inability to preach at Mass. She quotes, among others, one woman who alleges, “This church is not a healthy place for my soul.” What she means, of course, is that the Church is not a healthy place for her ego.

That’s it, isn’t it.


Catholics have to make a choice about how we approach the Mass. Is it the solemn observation instituted by Christ in which we as a Church constantly live the Passion and experience the real presence of our Lord? Or is it a do-it-yourself liturgy where we play out our fantasies and fulfill our wishes, where we make sure that everyone is included in any way they want, no matter how much attention is shifted away from Christ? One choice serves our egos, the other, our souls.

Reason #87850 for Summorum Pontificum.

The assault on the priesthood, indeed on the natural order, continues.  Make it up at Mass.  Make it up about male and female.

Another apple, please?

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  1. Gab says:

    Reason #56,783,982 to stay with the Traditional Latin Mass.

  2. Sandy says:

    The whole extreme feminism thing has me so tired of hearing it all. These women are wounded and dysfunctional. May I wager to say not one with the above attitude (wanting to preach at Mass, etc.) has ever made a true and deep consecration to the Blessed Mother. If they had, She would teach them in a beautiful, loving way, to be humble, to deeply love Jesus in the Eucharist, and so much more. I feel sorry for all the angry women in our society! Something has gone horribly wrong.

  3. Tooksam says:

    “Those who glorify the ego often develop a vicarious interest in solving problems that do not concern them, as a substitute for tackling their own problem of selfishness”
    Lift up your Heart – Fulton Sheen

  4. iamlucky13 says:

    @ Tooksam – that is a really solid piece of pastoral advice from Archbishop Sheen. I hadn’t seen the quote before, but it resonated with me because I’ve been recognizing recently in my own life the need to “first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

    Speaking frankly, it’s jarring how easily and persistently we can fall into the habit of focusing on the faults of others as a distraction from our own.

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  6. AZ Joe says:

    “Imagine! What Jesuits get wrong about liturgy! You know the old phrase about Holy Week and Jesuits.”
    This reminds me of an experience I had a few years back at a local “Jesuit Community”. [By the way have you ever noticed how many Catholic churches that have been entrusted to Jesuits, Franciscans, etc. are referred to as “the Jesuit Community of …” or the “St. … Franciscan Community” rather than as Catholic churches, but I digress…]
    Anyhow, I was at a Catholic church run by Jesuits for the Good Friday service and the nice Jesuits (and their helpers) distributed Holy Communion under both species. Hmm. I wonder how that worked.

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