ACTION ITEM! Help a traditional deacon get to priesthood. Watch marvelous Fulton Sheen video of 1950 Roman Holy Year

Back in April, I wrote about a seminarian in a traditional group, the Institute of Christ the King, who had posted a video about wartime Vatican City, 1941, narrated by Fulton Sheen.  This seminarian, now ordained to the diaconate, was trying to raise money to pay for his seminary.

We managed to raise the funds he owed.

Did you know that, quite often, seminarians have to pay for their own seminary formation?

Rev. Mr. Justin Ong has posted another video, Holy Year At The Vatican, 1950, narrated again by Fulton Sheen.

It’s terrific! You are going to love the imagery. It’s riveting.  I am grateful to Justin for posting it.

As I post, the video has only 21 view.

Justin needs more money to take him through to ordination to the priesthood.

Some of you readers pitched to get him to his diaconate.  Perhaps you will now help bring him to the finish line.  Or rather, to the starting line!

I’ve been writing about young priests lately.

If we want priests, we must step up.  

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Tell him Fr. Z sent you.

Here’s the video.  As I post, it has 21 view.

Having spent years in Rome and having worked in Vatican City in the Curia, these images from 1950 were, in part, a trip to my first years there.  For example, I caught the tail-end of some of those environments before they were updated.  And some things just haven’t changed.  As a matter of fact, when I worked there, and struggled to get some electronic things into our office, I use to say, “In the Vatican they update equipment every 75 years, whether it needs it or not.”  In any event, on the office walls you see in the video, are curial calendars, such as I have had for many years now, just a little changed.  Also, at the very beginning, there is a shot of a table of books in a bookstore.  One of the titles is a paperback of “The Cardinal”. I have that same paperback from the ’50’s.   I could go on, but you can watch it for yourselves.  Enjoy!

Right now..

UPDATE 9 July 19:

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