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Was there a good point made in the sermon during your Mass of Sunday obligation? Let us know.

For my part, I underscored – on this 4th Sunday after Pentecost – that God doesn’t choose men who are worthy to serve as priests.  He chooses whom it pleases Him to choose.   Peter was an unlikely choice, a self-described sinner, and Christ chose Him.  We all have callings and we are all imperfect. God crowns His own merits in our efforts.

I make a plea to pray for priests, especially young priests.

Recently, I am informed, the parish is putting the Sunday sermons online. My unworthy offering is here.

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  1. Discerning Altar Boy says:

    Last week my diocese released a list of 50 priests and deacons credibly accused of sexual abuse. My pastor took time to first decry those who opportunize this evil in their effort to discredit the Church. Then he explained that the only way to combat this evil is to put greater trust in our dedication to Jesus Christ, and that this is the answer whenever we see grave evil. Lastly he told us how some people have asked if he’s going to still wear the collar when “off-duty”. His response was “I wear it more than ever. I’m one of the innocent ones. There’s thousands more like me. We have work to do.”

  2. AureEntuluva says:

    Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Vigil Mass

    The Gospel was the sending and returning of the 72 in Luke Chapter 10.

    Father worked off of the comment about the demons being subject to them because of His name. He talked about the real, actual power of the Holy Name of Jesus. He talked about how in the Liturgy one is supposed to lightly bow the head in reverence when speaking the name of Jesus. Mentioned that the Jews would not utter the name of God but through the Incarnation Christ has made us able to use the Holy Name of Jesus. Reminded us to not use His name irreverently.

  3. anthtan says:

    Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time.
    Father touched on the theme of ‘Rejoice’ which resounds in the first reading and is re-echoed in the Gospel.
    My takeaway is a (to me) memorable quote:
    Worry is a conversation with our own selves about something we cannot change.
    Prayer is a conversation with God about something only He can change.

  4. Kennedy says:

    Our priest spoke about the sending out of the 72 disciples and how they were to preach repentance and cast out demons. He then condemned modern social trends and warned us that these were demons infecting the Church and were responsible for sexual abuse scandals etc. He told us to repent and live the gospel that Jesus and the disciples preached. It was like listening to Pope Benedict or reading Fr. Z!

  5. Philomena Mary says:

    Early morning traditional Mass.

    Father had an excellent sermon about the crisis in the Church and the history of the traditional Mass for the anniversary of Summorum Pontificum.

  6. Tom Ormon II says:

    B4 I get to the homily for 4th Sunday after Pentecost, I couldn’t help noticing how fidgety Fr. Z’s altar boys were getting @ 14-16 minutes into his sermon (… almost like an army of ants was unleashed in the background @ 13 1/2 minutes into the sermon, but didn’t quite make it to the ambo … lucky for Fr. Z. ;-) ).

    Anywho … Fr. reinforced EVERYONE’s vocation to be ‘fishers of men’, to save souls, & to care about the salvation of those not on the bark of Peter (… To not do so, and make every effort to save them, would be a sign of ingratitude for the gratuitous gift of faith God has bestowed on us.) He expressed gratitude that the laity were praying assiduously for priests … but also encouraged young people to listen for the call to the priesthood (in lieu of a very large Latin Mass apostolate; yet only one current FSSP seminarian. Statistically seems like some aren’t following the call.)

  7. SanSan says:

    so happy that I watched and listened to your sermon yesterday before attending the 5pm TLM Mass. Beautiful Mass as always, but the dear Father’s Latin was better than his English, soooooo.

  8. Legisperitus says:

    Heard a sermon explaining the many reasons supporting the tradition of clerical celibacy. One good point was that in times of persecution, the state can use threats against a married priest’s wife and children to undermine the Seal of Confession, and this proved an effective technique for the Soviets to bring the Orthodox Church to heel.

  9. JMody says:

    We heard about how freedom of conscience is a good thing, about how the Church learned it from America, and that basically Americanism is not a heresy, because Vatican II …
    and I left right after Communion.

  10. Chuck4247 says:

    In Very Short:
    The Enemy is Real, which is why we have the St. Michael Prayer, which (as it was originally intended when promulgated) we will now begin saying at the end of all Masses.

  11. Sseprn says:

    This Sunday, I was very fortunate to attend the Traditional Latin Mass at the Carmelite Monastery in Philadelphia.
    Our priest (FSSP), spoke about the problems in the Church and about our individual responsibilities to be strong, work through the pain, and follow Christ. He was honest and I found it up-lifting. The beauty of the Latin Mass was a blessing I am carrying into the week with me. The cloistered Sisters singing so beautifully, out of our view, brought back memories of Masses I served in my much younger days.

  12. Akita says:

    During this month of July when we commemorate and venerate The Precious Blood, ask Our Lord to wash our every need in His Blood—our needs will be taken care of, our prayers will be answered.

  13. JamesA says:

    So great to see you preach, Father. I’ll be watching the YouTube channel for your next sermon. Much better than the usual fare in my diocese, I’m afraid.

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