ROME DAY 10: Conference, Requiem and Guts

Your yellow Sun rose today at 7:18 and will set at 18:35, while no one will hear the Ave Maria bell at 18:45.

There was a conference yesterday at the Angelicum (the Dominicans’ university) about John Henry Newman.  The line up of speakers was good.  The talk I was the most interested in hearing was by Australian professor Tracey Rowland, who spoke about Newman’s “idea of the university”.   She was, as you might expect, excellent.  Her presentation was laden with acerbic and accurate comparisons to the present state of affairs in Catholic universities.

If you haven’t read Rowland’s work I recommend it highly.

Try her terrific book Catholic Theology.  US HERE – UK HERE  This book is a status quaestionis work, explaining the state of theology is being taught, the different strains and schools, where they came from, who their exponents are.   It is supremely helpful.  In her section on Liberation Theology, she dedicates a portion to Bergoglio.   She “situates” him.  Ouch.

Also, Ratzinger’s Faith.  US HERE – UK HERE

A shot of the church at the Angelicum.

And… in case you forgot where you are.

Between talks.

The hall where the talks were presented.

I was happy to sit with my friends Robert Royal and Fr. Murray.  The latter came for the canonization and also a book presentation tomorrow: Bp. Schneider’s new offering which I wrote about

Christus Vincit: Christ’s Triumph Over the Darkness of the Age


Inside the church at the Angelicum.  They had exposition… strange business.  A dominican was seated behind the picnic table upon which the Blessed Sacrament was exposed, singing and reading loudly into a microphone, thus blasting himself in to the consciousness of every person present.

Last night I said a Requiem Mass for “Supertradmum”.  May she rest in peace.

I was taken to supper at a place I haven’t been.  Our evening was conducted in a mixture of English, Italian and mostly French, with Paix Liturgique folks.

A sunny egg with shavings of truffle.

I rigatoni con la pajata.

A mixed meat platter.

Ossobuco.  Overdone but tasty.  There were several small bones rather than one big one.

Other than that, I did some reading, some laundry and some tidying.

COLD REPORT: The head is clearing a little, but I still have a cough going.

Tomorrow I may have a couple great moments with The Great Roman to report.

Oh yes… John Henry Newman is to be canonized.  On 13 October, anniversary of Fatima.  At least his feast will be on 9 October.

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  1. Zephyrinus says:

    BUT, BUT, BUT, FATHER. YOU WERE WEARING A . . . A . . . A . . . CASSOCK !!!

  2. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    Father I need to come with you on one of these trips to Rome. I’ll write you some “just in case” prescriptions to fill so you can be top notch in your element.

  3. KatieL56 says:

    I’m so glad you’re feeling a litter better, Father. Certainly having decent food must help, and also seeing so much beauty (and not so much wreckovation).
    I was feeling a bit punny today and thought I’d fool around about with something from my childhood. . .

    So here is a parody of a parody –Instead of the Vatican Rag, The Amazon Rag!

    The Amazon Rag

    First you get down on your knees,
    Kiss that Mama Gaia please
    “member that you’re here to learn so
    Better turn. . .and turn. . .and turn yo

    Change the dogmas that you want, if
    You’ve ‘discerned’ them with the pontiff.
    Everybody does whatever
    Don’t you think that you’re so clever
    Doin’ the Amazon rag.

    Get in line for being woke now
    Bet you thought it was a joke now
    All the elders aborignal
    Go back to the sin original.
    You don’t want to preach the Way here
    that is really not OK here
    You’re the one who needs to change
    Get salvation rearranged.

    Worship Gaia on your knees,
    Throw away your bias please,
    Souls no longer need our savin’ now
    Eco-vation’s what we’re cravin’ now.

    Paint your face and play the drum
    In Brazil, where nuts come from,
    All you Card’nal Rhine-y-guys
    Look at you shine, ya guys,
    Gettin’ parethetical an’
    Sorta heretical an’
    Doin’ the Amazon rag!

  4. mo7 says:

    How does an Italian dish get named pajata with a ‘j’? Shouldnt be ‘gi’, pagiata?

    [It’s Roman.]

  5. I am close to finishing the Bp. Schneider book. It is probably the most edifying work from a Churchman I have seen in a long time.

  6. JonPatrick says:

    One thing that helps me get through this craziness is reading Cardinal Sarah’s book “The day is now far spent” and his emphasis on how we have to change the Church by reforming ourselves.

    Father I hope your cold gets over soon. I blame it on long trips in germ laden airplanes. I recall a long flight for work to South Korea many years ago when I came down with a bad cold soon after. In Korea you don’t go to a doctor unless you are on death’s door. Instead you go to the local pharmacy and tell your symptoms to the pharmacist and he gives you something, no prescription needed. I don’t know what was in the bottle as the label was in Korean but probably Codeine. My cold cleared up in no time. I brought the remains of the bottle back with me which means technically I was a drug smuggler :)

    The Day Is Now Far Spent In English. HERE

  7. MitisVis says:

    Again, I thank you for the guided tour of events. I see you are rubbing elbows with the best people. But I’m curious if it’s possible for you to visit our Pope emeritus, perhaps since you have had previous meetings with him working across from the CDF. It would be great if you could give him our filial affections as he was a father to us all and the church. But I know that Rome has it’s own ways…
    I’d love to sit in on your conversation with the Great Roman. His theological sharp eye and brutal honesty I find very invigorating.

  8. JonathanTX says:

    Father, you may have explained this before, but when is the Ave Maria bell rung traditionally? Is it an astronomical calculation based on the sun?

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