Archbp. Viganò speaks: “We are in the grip of a religious chaos of gigantic proportion….” – a “satanic plan”

For all of us Catholics, the landscape in the Holy Church is becoming darker by the day. The ongoing progressive offensive portends a real revolution, not only in the way the Church is understood, but also in the apocalyptic images it gives to the whole world order. With deep sadness, we see the present pontificate marked by unusual facts, disconcerting behavior and statements that contradict traditional doctrine, and which sow a general doubt in souls about what the Catholic Church is and what her true and immutable principles are. It feels as though we are in the grip of a religious chaos of gigantic proportion. If this satanic plan is successful, Catholics who adhere to it will in fact change religion, and the immense flock of Our Lord Jesus Christ will be reduced to a minority. This minority will likely have much to suffer. But it will be sustained by Our Lord’s promise that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church, and with Him it will conquer in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary promised by Our Lady at Fatima.

These are the words of Archbp. Carlo Maria Viganò.

Archbp. Viganò gave an interview to Diane Montagna of LifeSite. Among other things, Viganò calls for the reconsecration of St. Peter’s Basilica because of the violation of the 1st Commandment of the Decalogue that was perpetrated within, involving the demon cult and images of Pachamama during the recent Amazon Synod.

In this gravest of hours, the laity are certainly the spearhead of the resistance. By their courage, they must appeal to us shepherds and encourage us to come forward, with more courage and determination, to defend the Bride of Christ. The warning of Saint Catherine of Siena is addressed to us shepherds: “Open your eyes and look at the perversity of death that has come into the world, and especially into the Body of the Holy Church. Alas, may your hearts and souls burst at seeing so many offenses against God! Alas, enough silence! shout with a hundred thousand tongues. I see that, through silence, the world is dead, the Bride of Christ is pale.”

Read the whole thing HERE.

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  1. Suburbanbanshee says:

    He is not saying anything we don’t know, but God bless him for saying it. Obviously it needs to be reiterated until it sinks into some people’s brains.

    Fr. Mitch Pacwa talked about this issue on Scripture and Tradition this week. He served in the missions in Peru, so he has plenty to say about the wickedness of Pachamama syncretism. His suggestion was that it was a special insult to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (to whom S. Maria Traspontina is dedicated), so we should wear the Brown Scapular if we are not already.I

    Also, look up Melissa Villalobos, her miracle daughter Gemma, and the canonization miracle for St. John Henry Newman. Those statues were an insult to them and the saint, too. Inadvertent, but striking right at them. Mrs. Villalobos must be a lot nicer than me, because I would have pitched a fit.

  2. abdiesus says:

    I don’t envy any bishop or priest who has true faith during this time, and I understand that most will feel afraid because of the likely consequences of speaking out, but it is definitely encouraging when at least one bishop will tell the truth about what needs to be done.

    It is nevertheless telling that only a retired bishop in hiding can say what I’ve been waiting for someone to say, which is that St. Peters’ needs to be reconsecrated. Indeed, if, as Fr. Z has said on more than one occasion, evil spirits attach themselves to places based upon evil things done in those places, then I don’t think it would be going over-board to say that an exorcism should first be performed.

    The question is, who will do it?

  3. Mark W says:

    Reading this made me immediately think of Windswept House.

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  5. Gaetano says:

    I once thought people were crazy when they said apostates would worship a false god at St. Peter’s. Recent events have forced me to reconsider that belief.

  6. teomatteo says:

    Maybe a miracle will happen and a brave bishop will stand up at the USCCB conference and demand action. Answers still waiting re McCarrick and demand response re the dubia (and other things) A brave bishop. A miracle.

  7. Kathleen10 says:

    Something monumental this way comes. We all know it, it is palpable. Evil acts bring about consequences. The pope has worshiped a false idol on sacred ground. He encourages Catholics to follow him into error and ultimately, hell. Millions of souls are at stake. True, Catholics should know their faith, know they cannot ever honor Pachamama, a pagan goddess, but our hearts should break at the idea of fellow Catholics falling into error because they trust too much and don’t know. Jesus, save souls! Fr. Mitch Pacwa has proven he is a true priest and a Christian first. He has warned the flock about the outrageous actions of the pope and the hierarchy. God bless him for this.

  8. Charles E Flynn says:

    @Suburbanbanshee ,

    This news story has a link to Fr. Mitch Pacwa’s videos at EWTN:

    Fr. Mitch Pacwa SJ of EWTN Condemns the Pachamama Idol

    The relevant program is the one for 11/05/2019.

  9. Cincture says:

    And Father Z, in reference to your link, what happens in its coordinate progression? As recently said, there is certainly a need to provide for defense of the faith, and we all should continue to provide for it in many avenues of prayer and thanksgiving. This is actually offense! Never let it be that prayers and thanksgiving would merely be only defense to and of Faith. Going on offense means that we say yes, THEN we say more yes. Refer to the Scripture, the answers help you to refute the currency.

    Louis Bouyer said, perhaps in the “innocence” of his conciliar years, of which he did not then so much to define that which he regretted, but perhaps when he reflected upon his decided destruction of Msgr Gromier in calling his defense a “doddery old Canon” La Maison Dieu n. 62 (1960) , p. 152.
    We have some things to ask him about; how and whatsofar he changed his mind since. I do think Bouyer changed his mind somewhat subsequently, but it is for anyone to inquire as to how much.
    Therefore, to inquire as to how much Bouyer’s provenance is, not just received, but portrayed and accepted in situ, and utilized with his help without his approbation, and more or less developed, and thus subject to challenge either way: one sees a sense of Jungmann, Bugnini and McManus. One awaits, in vain anything that Msr Bouyer is said to say or will say beyond his small regrets and hopefulness for a cosmological Catholic rendering answer; one which unless our astute readership answers to it insofar as reconciliation, he has already discarded at the altar in the name of his seeking- BUT

    Maybe we can forgive Bouyer if we can properly say that he and his Cosmology were expectant of the Vat II folks, and alas he somehow saw them as bumbling overreaching fools and vowed not to undermine those who got him there but also did not later foster them.

    Bouyer’s frustration with post-conciliar liturgical reform had to do precisely with what he perceived to be a diminished status for the sacred and religion. He thought that the reformers were too beholden to secular “death of God” types of visions of the world that were popular in the 1960s. Liturgical reform tended to be de-sacralizing, turning liturgy into a story from which one draws a moral teaching, or a course for religious instruction—but no longer the celebration of the action of divine mystery.
    Bouyer did not think that you can collapse the sacred and the profane onto a single level in a fallen world. This fits with the “verticality” of his vision of cosmic liturgy. He also did not think that Christ came to do away with the “natural sacred.” Rather, he “transfigured” the sacred. Christ does not bring de-sacralization but Christian sacrality or holiness. The natural sacred and religion are irreducible to other natural factors, such as society or economics. And the Christian sacred is irreducible to the natural sacred.

    Apparently there is a new book The Apocalypse of Wisdom, on Bouyer by Mr Lemma, which promises to put my comments in better perspective. I don’t yet know what perspective, but in light of what I have cited above it will be an intriguing comparison.

  10. Lunchbox catholic says:

    It’s hard to take Archbishop Viganò seriously when he had been part of such a broken and corrupt system.

  11. Jim Ryon says:

    Help Me. It seems the Pope, Bishops of the Amazon Synod and in particular the German bishops want to change the Church to what is in essence the Anglican Communion. Why don’t they just convert and leave the Church to what it has been for 2000 years?

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