Wherein Austen Ivereigh channels his inner Hillary

Speaking of the Fishwrap, they embraced the ever-more papalotrous Austen Ivereigh as he channels his inner Hillary Clinton.

You mean like a… a…

vast right-wing conspiracy?



The USCCB criticizes Ivereigh for inaccuracies. HERE

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  1. dbf223 says:

    I think he hasn’t been watching the news. As we all know, the actual source of opposition to the Pope is Russia. Putin has found ways to undermine and control the fine, forward-thinking people of the West. Any “American” voices questioning Francis’ direction for the Church are either bots, internet trolls, or Russian assets strategically placed to promote Russian interests globally.

    Also, I see your “LOL” response on Twitter, and frankly I am shocked that @NCRonline has not blocked you.

  2. roma247 says:

    Um…that guy Alexander Tschugguel was Austrian. And acted on his own, no funding necessary.

    So much for mostly US resistance funded by elite conservatives…but then again anyone with brains knows that Ivereigh has no real credibility beyond his sycophants.

    Viva the St. Boniface Institute!

  3. ChrisP says:

    Iveregh seems to have conveniently forgotten the well funded Pachamama wackjobs and miscreants eminating from the USA and Deutsche-Land. But is ok when the progressives do it right?

  4. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    Does Ivereigh think that the Holy Father’s mission is (teleologically) to be popular?

  5. iPadre says:

    “Well-funded opposition.” And who would that be funded by? George Soros. Not! He’s funding the green movement, open borders, … in the Church.

  6. Paulby says:

    I know quite a few people who have grave misgivings about the words and deeds of Pope Francis. None are “well-funded”, most are humble souls of very limited means. Ivereigh knows this very well, but this form of denigration serves a particular purpose. It is one of the standard leftist ploys to demonise conservative or traditional people by choosing one or more of the following labels to ensure that their views are ignored by all “right-thinking people”: “Well Funded”, “Extreme Right-Wing”, “Racist”, “Ultra-Nationalist”, “White Supremecist”, “Fascist, Misogonist”, and several more such epithets. What decent person would take any account the views of such nasty Haters?

  7. Johann says:

    Poison Ivereigh is losing touch with reality and is growing even more hysterical and desperate in his attempts to either defend the scandals of this Pontificate or attack Traditional Catholics. He tried to pass of the Pachamama as a depiction of the Virgin Mary (which the Vatican’s own press office rejected). He ahs repeatedly tried to claim Vigano has been “discredited” when the e-mails released by McCarrick’s former Secretary Monsignor Anthony Figueiredo basically affirmed most of Vigano’s allegations to be true.

    He is not a journalist, but a propagandist, a professional Troll and gaslighter. He is a fake Catholic Journalist (both fake Catholic and Fake Journalist). He and the likes of Beans Faggioli, Dawn the Merciless, Ratty Mickens et al ahve lost their faith in God, and are trying to elevate Francis as a substitute god and revolutionary Messiah, whose powers are not derived from Scripture and Tradition, but pure will (as the now disgraced Fr. Thomas Rosica implied in his most infamous tweet). They have no love for the Church or the Papacy, but support Francis solely because they see him as the instrument of their radical agenda to remake the Church in their image.

  8. Discipula says:

    Ivereigh should go into comedy. What a laugh I got just out of the blurb.

  9. matt from az says:

    He has it precisely bass-ackwards.
    I don’t know a single person in the pews who even remotely likes this pope. We struggle with immense dislike of the man while trying our damnedest to respect the office he himself does not respect.

  10. Henry Edwards says:

    “Austen Ivereigh said the pope remains popular with Catholics in the pew”

    And even more popular with non-Catholics in the pews?

  11. TDPelletier says:

    I’m so tired of this political analysis of the Church : the poor and oppressed people who only want mercy, fighting against elitist and wealthy oppressors, thirsty for power, fanatics of laws and regulations.

    It’s a neo-marxist interpretation of reality, not a Christian one. The Consecration of Russia was done, but a bit late, and Russia had decades to spread her errors. This is one sad result : Catholics who see the world through the marxist lens, not with God’s eyes.

    That’s the real problem of our age : forgetting God and idolizing contingent things. Instead of going to extremes (left or right), Catholics should strive to be moderates (while being in fire for God) : moderate in temporal things, absolute in spiritual things like charity and hope.

  12. PostCatholic says:

    Ah, but the thing about Hillary Clinton’s vast right-wing conspiracy is that there was one. [ROFL!] Do you count yourself among the “ecclesiastic elites?” Are you conspiring?

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