ASK FATHER: A priest wants to be able to celebrate Easter in the Extraordinary Form

From a priest…


I am the parish priest at ___.   I’m going to use the suspension of public masses to work on my Latin. [Oorah!] Thank you for encouraging and providing resources for this. Could you please send me chapter 3 of title XI. [Will do.]

I have had a desire to learn the traditional Latin Mass for several years, but have have been concerned about not being able to use it consistently enough to stay sharp with the rubrics and Latin. Now, with all private masses, I certainly have the consistency. I would like to be able to celebrate Easter Sunday in the Extraordinary Form. From your PRAYERCAzT page I downloaded the audio files of the prayers at the foot of the altar and the last Gospel, which have already been helpful. Do you have similar recordings available for the rest of the ordinary of the Mass? [I can make more.]

Several years ago I was one of the recipients of the Birettas for Seminarians project. [More on that HERE] Would any of your readership be interested in sponsoring something similar for priests learning the TLM? [Good question.] I have several good priests who able to help coach me, but I don’t have access to most of the equipment I would need. The unofficial word out of our Chancery today is that clergy and laity are looking at a 30% reduction in salary while public masses are suspended. Any small gift is helpful to build the foundation to celebrate the TLM.

This is an interesting idea.   I would be glad to entertain some ideas about what that would look like.   Off the top of my head, perhaps the mechanics of the Biretta Project could be used.  However, perhaps the great John at Leaflet could create a check list of things that are needs, the basics and form several packages.  Priests could sign up for individual items or packages and people who want to participate could review – maybe – a website with the requests.

Meanwhile, Fathers, you might let me know what you need recorded (after checking the PRAYERCAzT page).

I make an appeal to priests and to bishops.   If you don’t know the TLM, LEARN IT.    Priests should know their Rite.  If you don’t know the traditional Roman Rite, Fathers, you don’t know yourself.


There are so many things to learn about yourself as a priest at the altar (our most important place) through using the traditional Roman Rite.

Try it!  This is an opportunity.

Don’t just drift or settle into the status quo ante.

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  1. mulieribus says:

    This article made me recall a previous posting of yours back in Feb 2014
    There is a lot of information in that post including the “Comments” on what a priest needs for his “bug-out bag”. In our business (portable altars), we frequently use FSSP Publications to order altar cards and missals. They also have an instructional video on the Extraordinary Form for priests. Unfortunately, they are temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus “in compliance with their Governor’s mandate to close”. So some items are hard to get right now. Yesterday, we had a young visiting diocesan priest from Washington come by the shop – he said he is saying the Extraordinary Form exclusively right now, perfecting his Latin skills. (Maybe he was inspired by your previous posting encouraging this). It would be great if someone would start up a “Biretta Project” for a Extraordinary Form Mass Kit. God bless and keep you healthy, Father Z. We are praying for you.

  2. APX says:

    I just want to be able to celebrate Easter.

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