ACTION ITEM! BISHOPS! Exorcise your dioceses BEFORE the 1 May consecration of these USA and Canada to the Mother of God

Archbp. Gomez, President of the USCCB, has called on US bishops, in conjunction with the bishops of Canada, to renew the consecration of both nations to Mary.

This will be broadcast live on EWTN.  1500h, on Friday 1 May.

It is a great idea.


In the history of salvation, there have always been spiritual purifications before blessings and consecrations.

  • In the traditional rite of baptism there are exorcisms.
  • In the traditional rite of consecration of a church there are exorcisms.
  • In the traditional rite of the blessing of Holy Water there are exorcisms.
  • Before Isaiah was given the office of prophet by God, the holy angel purified his lips with a burning coal.  Only then was he made God’s prophet.
  • In the traditional rite of Holy Mass, before the reading of the Gospel the image of the angel with the coal is invoked before God’s blessing is begged.

One could go on.


Before the consecration of these USA to the Blessed Mother, I call on all bishops to pronounce the exorcism in Title XI Chapter 3 of the Roman Ritual over their dioceses.

Priests who are able: say the long St. Michael Prayer before the consecration of the country to Mary.

Please, everyone, if you have an internet platform, get the word out on this.   Do it in your own words and ways, whatever.  Just, please, do it.

Ask priests or bishops whom you know to do this.

Exorcism before the consecration.

I made a recording Title XI, Ch. 3 in Latin as a resource for priests.  Priests or bishops who want this recording to help them with their Latin can contact me.  I will send it to priests ONLY.  Not a priest or bishop? Don’t ask.  Please let me know, Fathers, where you are and what your current role is.   Please put “SEND LATIN RECORDING of XI.3” in the subject line.   For email form click HERE.

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  1. Antonin says:

    Not opposed but I definitely see the relevance for the USA since the patron of USA is Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception while the patron of Canada is St Joseph

  2. APX says:


    Canada has two patron saints. St. Joseph and St. Anne.

  3. Hidden One says:

    St. Anne is the patron of Quebec.

  4. teomatteo says:

    I hear St Anne will pinch-hit for ontarians every now and then. ; )

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