YET ANOTHER Commission on Deaconettes (YACOD)

We read at Vatican News that YET ANOTHER Commission on Deaconettes or YACOD has been formed.

Consider: Francis observes “Spy” Wednesday, when we recall how 1/12 of the bishops/apostles sold the Lord for 30 pieces of silver, by instituting YACOD.  Instead of a Blue Ribbon Committee, perhaps we might refer to YACOD as a Thirty Pieces of Silver Committee.

Interesting is the fact that two American members of the YACOD, are deacons, but they are listed only as “Prof.”, while the non-American priests have their titles.

One of my insiders remarked: “Looks tame.”

Their virtual meetings will be doubly virtual, in that there is virtually zero chance that anything different will come from this commission.

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  1. Irish Timothy says:

    ‘Attempting to give a damn…’


  2. JustaSinner says:

    Once again proving, doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result, is INSANITY!!!

  3. Fr. Timothy Ferguson says:

    Yes, let’s keep summoning committee after committee after committee until we find one that gives us the answer we want.

  4. Bthompson says:

    Prof. Catherine Brown Tkacz, at least, is one of the good ones.
    I remember a presentation she gave at my seminary on whether the spiritual equality of the sexes means women can be ordained. The lecture was 5 solid reasons why not, and that to hold the pro-ordination stance would be to accuse Jesus Christ of ignorance, impotence, or sin and/or by extension that the Church is not indefectable nor infallible on faith and morals.

  5. ChesterFrank says:

    They will get coffee and donuts, every commission gets coffee and donuts.

  6. Gaetano says:

    It’s like watching FDR litigate the constitutionality of the New Deal until the Supreme Court delivered the decision he wanted.

  7. Antonin says:

    @Gadrano – Except that as a Jesuit Francis is much more shrewd. Keep the conversation going, eventually there will be a nuance that can be capitalized on. Clearly Francis is invested in this issue and is making moves to begin to add the theological literature in the question. I read the release and this commission is linked to the Amazonian synod and the findings from it.

  8. Clinton R. says:

    How appropriate this is announced on Spy Wednesday. Judas set out to betray the Lord and He is continually betrayed by those who are supposed be His friends.

  9. mysticalrose says:

    I’m surprised to see Manfred Hauke’s name listed. He’s actually really solid and opposed to women priests.

    [Hauke will be good. Others, not so much.]

  10. ordovirginum says:

    Prof. Rosalba Manes is a consecrated virgin (ordo virginum) and Biblical scholar. She teaches at the Gregorian.

    The previous commission had Marianne Schlosser as a member — consecration virgin and theologian, and member of the International Theological Commission for 2014-2019.

  11. Prayerful says:

    I suspect Francis is hoping that asking the same question of a new set of people will result in the answer he wants, which appears to be women deacons, but there exists no evidence of any ordained female deacons. Woman who assisted in the baptism of women catechumens, were perhaps called deacons but there is nothing liturgical in that role.

  12. William Cody says:

    So this is essentially a symposium on meontology — the study of that which does not exist?

  13. Clinton R. says:

    At a time when Catholics cannot assist at Mass or receive the Sacraments, is this really an issue (female ordination) that needs to be addressed when the answer is and always will be NO!!!!!!

  14. A Transitional Deacon says:

    The last commission concluded something along the lines of “we can’t prove there were woman deacons but we also can’t prove there weren’t, further study is needed.”

    There are some very solid people on this commission (Fr. Manfred Hauke, Dcn. Jim Keating, Dcn. Dominic Cerrato) and a notable lack of Phyllis Zagano. Given that and the “further study needed,” I would surmise that this commission is to put the nail in the coffin, not to keep commissioning until woman deacons are recommended.

    People thought that Pope Francis was gonna change the teaching on celibacy despite him having said in the past he’d rather die than change the discipline. If one reads what he said after the last woman deacon commission, it’s pretty clear what he actually wants.

    I agree with the statement “Pope Francis will keep calling for commissions until he gets what he wants.” I just think most people are wrong about what the Pope actually wants. For crying out loud, when asked why he commissioned the last study Pope Francis said something along the lines of “when you want an idea to die you send it to a committee.” If he wanted the end result to be a recommendation for woman deacons, he would have but Zagano back on the commission – instead he put a good number of people who are vehemently-opposed to the idea.

  15. Hidden One says:

    Church Militant approves of at least seven of them. If this commission eventually produces a consensus, it won’t be for ordaining women deacons.

  16. Matthew says:

    Liberals love these sorts of things. They think if they have investigation after investigation, or commission after commission after commission that we’ll grow weary of hearing about it and just give up. That is how we got gay marriage, and people mutilating themselves pretending to be the opposite sex. It is insanity.

  17. G1j says:

    I’m sure the liberal church will make good use of our current conditions just like our liberal politicians and not let a good crisis go to waste. In our parish our pastor is in hiding, our parochial vicar is doing his best and instead of the Church doing whatever it can for its parishioners, it has its hand out so the priests don’t have to feel any pinch like everyone else does. Our Catholic Charities is doing a wonderful job feeding those in need and offering support and counseling. I’ll support them.

  18. Simon_GNR says:

    I believe A Transitional Deacon makes a good point. If PF actually wanted to ordain women as deacons, surely he would say so clearly and makes moves for that to happen? As it is, he’s just kicking the issue into the long grass again in the hope that it will go away. I wonder why he doesn’t show more leadership and be a bit more forthright in saying what he believes is right. Why not simply state that women can’t receive Holy Orders and leave it at that.?

  19. mcferran says:

    The article in the National Catholic Reporter about the new Commission makes for interesting reading:

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