I have GREAT news!

Do you remember that last October, while I was in Rome, we had a fundraiser for “new”, but antique, baptismal font for the church Santissima Trinita dei Pelegrini (my adoptive parish in Rome)?  That is the the “traditional” parish in Rome.  It was not a parish before, so it didn’t have a baptismal font.  They were doing something makeshift before.

You readers came though.

I received whole bunch of photos of the INSTALLATION of the new baptismal font!

Here is a message to YOU readers who donated for the baptismal font!  This is the pastor, Fr. Jean-Cyrile Sow, FSSP.

Some shots of the installation.

There are great videos, but they were too large to post and they were “sideways”.  So I learned how to transform them: shrink and rotate and retain proper dimensions with Blender.  Very cool.  A new skill.

Let’s see if it worked!

YAY! It worked!   Enjoy the Roman workmen chatter.

And this one I have to rotate… let’s see if I can figure out the X and Y scales and percentages.


I am unspeakably proud of you readers who donated to this project.

They are still going to have to install a balustrade around the font.

There are ways YOU can help them!  (NB: Europeans use a comma, instead of a period for their money – 100.25 = 100,25)


When you make your donation, it’ll look like it’s going to the FSSP in general.  But it is earmarked for the Roman parish.  If you use PayPal, you’ll see this in the online receipt:

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  1. SMJ says:

    Great! I’m very happy to have donated for this beautiful font.

    By the way, today Fr. Brice Meissonier fssp announced that he will be the new pastor os Ss Trinità.
    A big “grazie mille” to don Jean Cyrille and a “in bocca al lupo“ to don Brice!

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