Fearmongering @JamesMartinSJ goes to the zoo on national TV about churches reopening and about @RealDonaldTrump

Last night when I heard on Martha MacCallum’s show on FNC that Jesuit homosexualist activist Fr. James Martin was up to talk about the lockdown and reopening of churches after Pres. Trump’s comments about opening places of worship, I had a sinking feeling.

Sure enough, the Jesuit’s comments were absolutely cringe worthy.  Even Martha was a little embarrassed.  At the end, she made an effort to be kind.


[I had embedded the video, but the vexatious video player is set to autoplay. So if you don’t have an adblocker everybody who loads this page gets a dose of Martin’s voice, thus spoiling their visits here.  I am merciful.  Hence, I’ve removed the dratted video player and replaced it with a link.]

Martin admits that churches are essential, but then he trashed the idea that anyone – in this time of lockdown – should go to church.  He said that opening up church is just going to lead to more infections and “more death”.    “We need to listen to public health officials and epidemiologists first.”


Martha came back with, “What is your definition of safe?”

Martin responded with the example of a couple of churches that, some time ago, reopened and people got sick.  Then he doubled down with, “We have to listen to the experts and not look at this as a political issue.”   A POLITICAL ISSUE!

It’s POLITICAL!   After all, TRUMP said churches should open!

Martha responded with statistics.  99.8% of people who contract COVID-1984 recover.  She asked, in effect, don’t we have to learn to cope with this and get life going again?

Martin: “At some point we do, but I’m not sure if that point is now or not. … Why put anyone at risk?”



Martha admits that the vulnerable should stay home.  Then she cites a doctor from Stanford and that “It’s more dangerous to stay in lockdown.”  People staying in lockdown have many other problems.  People need to go to church, etc.

Martin, however, wasn’t overly concerned about what people might be suffering (like depression, not treating other illnesses, being broke, suicide attempts).  After all… DEATH!   If there is a chance that someone might infect someone else, churches should not open until the EXPERTS say so… not the President.  Because… POLITICAL!  Right?

Martin: “You may be sad and missing people, but is that worth if you are asymptomatic going in and shaking someone’s hand or sharing the Communion cup and getting someone sick and having them die.”


What bubble is this guy in?   There is a cliche about Jesuits and liturgy, but where, I ask, are people today – even if they can get into a church – shaking hands and sharing the cup?!?

It strikes me that he is so enmeshed in a specific type of “liturgy” that he can’t imagine, simply cannot conceive of, a Mass in which people don’t do those things.

And, of course, it all leads to DEATH!

Toward the end of the video Martha stares at him in her monitor with incredulity.   She was clearly disappointed by his responses, and I don’t blame her one little bit.

This would have been a very different segment if she had invited Fr. Gerald Murray to comment.  He’s also in NYC, by the way.

Martin, Jesuit and modernist and political liberal that he is, reduces the reopening of churches to a political issue.  He scaremongers with “DEATH!”  He is entirely without a clue as to what dioceses, even the one he lives in, are doing concerning social distancing and hygiene at Masses.  Like the tyrannic democrat martinets who have political power now, he would keep everyone under lockdown indefinitely and to hell with individual lives.

Martin’s response about people locked in with depression and fear was chilling.

What irony.  Pres. Trump, concerned with people’s real lives, says we need churches open and more prayer.  Martin the Jesuit says that’s political.  People are “sad”?  Too bad.

Fellows like this Jesuit are all about the “seamless garment” right?   We must not be single issue voters!   We shouldn’t talk about abortion as much as we do.  Instead, we should talk even more about the death penalty, and “gay” rights, and global warming, and the plight of the poor.  Libs, supposedly so flexible in their thinking, so broadminded in their perspective, easily balance all sorts of issues simultaneously, effortlessly.   Conservatives, however, are just too stupid to see the “big picture”.

But here’s the Jesuit homosexualist activist (pretty much a one issue guy, by the way) saying that it doesn’t make a difference if you are “sad” right now, if there is even a slight risk that you are going to KILL SOMEONE – YOU PERSONALLY will inflict DEATH!!! – by going to church, then the churches should remained locked until experts say they can open.   Never mind about all the other important issues: skyrocketing calls to suicide crisis lines, people not getting diagnosed or treated for other ailments because they are afraid to go to the doctor or can’t get in, gargantuan unemployment, businesses – the work of lifetimes – closing perhaps never to reopen.  Those are COVID-1984 issues too!

What about a seamless garment when considering the impact of Coronavirus?

Maybe those other issues need a response other than a lockdown?

Would it occur to a Catholic priest that there are things worse than physical death and that death isn’t the end?

No no!  Because…. you know… DEATH!   No flexibility is to be tolerated.

Come to think of it, had Pres. Trump said that we should keep the churches closed, Martin would probably have said, “We should open the churches as soon as possible. Let’s not make this a POLITICAL issue.  After all… people… locked down in their homes, alone!  There’s…. DEATH!”

What Fr. Martin doesn’t get, but that we understood immediately, is that Pres. Trump can’t open a single Catholic church by presidential order.  Only bishops can do that.  Only the bishops can establish the safety conditions under which churches may reopen.

Pres. Trump deftly made it possible for bishops to do their jobs, even in the face of despotic governors and mayors.

President Trump gave our bishops cover.   Because, you know… it’s POLITICAL.  Right?

I’ve changed my mind.  I’m delighted that Fr Martin was on last night.  Many more people need to know how he and his side thinks.


A friend sent a link to an article HERE that says that

Doctors in Northern California say they have seen more deaths from suicide than they’ve seen from the coronavirus during the pandemic.

“The numbers are unprecedented,” Dr. Michael deBoisblanc of John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, California, told ABC 7 News about the increase of deaths by suicide, adding that he’s seen a “year’s worth of suicides” in the last four weeks alone.


By late March, more people had died in just one Tennessee county from suicide than had died in the entire state directly from the virus.

A study published in early May suggested that the coronavirus could lead to at least 75,000 deaths directly brought on by anxiety from the virus, job losses, and addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Another study conducted by Just Facts around the same time computed a broad array of scientific data showing that stress is one of the deadliest health hazards in the world and estimated that the coronavirus lockdowns will destroy 7 times as many years of human life than strict lockdowns can save.

Earlier this week, more than 600 doctors signed their names on a letter to President Trump, referring to the continued lockdowns as a “mass casualty incident” and urging him to do what he can to ensure they come to an end.

Gosh, it’s really too bad that they’re “sad”, isn’t it James?

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  1. ChrisP says:

    As I responded to him on Twitter yesterday:

    If a +LGBT COVID19 patient wanted extreme unction before going on a ventilator, should Fr Martin care for that person’s eternal soul, or should he obey the tenuous advice of disinterested public health “experts”?

  2. Fr. Martin, who wants to close churches to protect us from a virus with a 99.8% recovery rate, is a guy who promotes dangerous behaviors that are virtually guaranteed to result in dreadful injuries and ugly, deadly diseases rarely seen among those who do not engage in those behaviors.

  3. Joy1985 says:

    That was a pretty sad negative response. Not one mention about the need for the Spiritual health of the flock that Priests shepherd. No one is saying for every single Catholic to return to church today. Martha said it and it’s true, the vulnerable need to follow the advice of their doctor and remain at home. But seriously I am praying for Father Martin. WOW!

  4. Joy1985 says:

    Wonder what Jonathan Morris would have said.

    [No. I don’t think any of us really care what he would have said or what he says now.]

  5. Antonin says:

    I want to be respectful here and I have no personal animus against James Martin and his ministry may well be effective. However, many if not most gay men have Cluster B personality disorders (e.g narcissistic, borderline, histrionic, etc). This is confirmed in my own experience as well. And I don’t think it is calumny to suggest that James Martin is most likely gay although I am sure he is faithful to his vows as a priest.

    That said, Cluster B behavioural manifestations is what I saw exhibited here. Not his finest hour and I think if he used his Jesuit discernment powers, he would have declined the interview. In a time of crisis, we need calm, reasoned, balanced leadership from our clergy not histrionics.

  6. Elizabeth D says:

    I just assumed that any churches reopening at this time would have Communion under one species. He must be concerned that some liturgical ideologues will insist on concelebration and sharing the cup with the congregation even when the practice could be unreasonably risky for spreading contagion. Maybe he knows for a fact that many will do so inflexibly when they can have Mass again in larger numbers and it’s dangerous to them. Maybe he personally feels like he wants to either distribute Communion under both species or not have Mass for people at all? It’s interesting and maybe even surprising that he is referring to the contagion danger posed by practices insisted upon by liberal liturgists rather than contending that Communion on the tongue is dangerous.

    There was a Jesuit residence in PA, Manresa Hall, where 1/3 of the (elderly?) Jesuit priests died of COVID-19. That could easily have made an impression on him–he presumably lost friends. There were also other religious retirement residences that were devastated. These are places where the practices Fr Martin referred to would be the norm.

    [And perhaps you are being kind, to make excuses for him.]

  7. ArthurH says:

    Why will no one with Church authority rebuke and/or sanction this man? If this were his only failing, maybe they would hesitate, but added to his list of erroneous and Church-dividing pronouncements??!!

  8. Grant M says:

    He missed a chance to say: Shaking hands and sharing the Cup can be dangerous. So go to the TLM where these things don’t happen.

  9. tho says:

    What scares me, is that there are to many people, in high positions in our church, who think like Father Martin.

  10. Omnis autem qui haeresim defendit, haereticus est.

  11. monstrance says:

    It is the Democratic Governors who have made this a political issue.
    They have decided that it is in their best interest that the worship of God should be suppressed.
    The Democratic Party platform will not allow even the mention of God.
    The USCCB needs to wake up and do their job.

  12. jhogan says:

    I was not all that surprised by Fr. Martin’s response. It goes hand in hand with the extreme responses we have seen over the past weeks. When your primary focus (treasure) is the here and now, then Death is a finality to be be feared and avoided at all costs. When your primary focus (treasure) is the hereafter or beyond the here and now, then Death is not to be feared. (Though that doesn’t mean you go running towards it!) My own experience with the libs in the Church is that, in general, they tend to focus more on the here and now than the hereafter.

  13. robtbrown says:

    Fr James Martin SJ never fails to give Catholics yet another example of why the Jesuits are dying out and perfecting the technique of selling their real estate.

  14. mo7 says:

    WRT Fr. Martin.:
    He advocates for homosexual activity among the SSA. Has he considered the high rate of alcoholism/drug abuse that is brought on by that life? He doesn’t advocate easing the trauma that causes the problems of the SSA. Does he really care about lives? I don’t know, does he care about souls? I can’t see how.

  15. robtbrown says:

    Joy1985 says:

    Wonder what Jonathan Morris would have said.

    He would have said to Fr Martin: “Get out while you can!”

  16. GypsyMom says:

    Almost everything is being run or influenced by psychopaths and and crackpots! Or cowards.

  17. Michael Haz says:

    Perhaps next a Catholic voice is needed on McCallum’s show her booker can call Fr. George Rutler.

  18. pacelli says:

    Martha’s producers had to know Martin’s agenda when they booked him. With so many loyal Roman Catholic priests, Martin was Fox’s choice? Really?

  19. Sayomara says:

    Another issue I haven’t heard brought up much is AA meetings and other meetings for people struggling with addiction. Many of these meeting are held in churches, and these are meeting that people need to struggle with there addictions. Frankly meeting that need to be in person, Zoom doesn’t cut it. This lack of charity doesn’t speak well of us as a society that you can buy beer and pot but you can’t go your AA meeting because your church is closed.

    As for Fox, Fox is trending left has has been for sometime. Its nice when its on our side but its just becoming another cable channel like all the others.

  20. Clinton R. says:

    When I was watching this segment, all I could think was why Martha couldn’t have interviewed Fr. Gerald Murray instead.

  21. haydn seeker says:

    Sodomy is extremely risky behaviour that can pass viruses for which we, unfortunately, have no vaccine. Could Fr James please call on gay men to abstain from sodomy until it’s safe to do so. It’s a pity that this will make some men sad, but we have to listen to the experts on this.

  22. PiusV says:

    Questions for the more learned:
    1. Tolerance, this individual is obviously not orthodox in many areas, why is he tolerated? It would seem that he would have been laicized long ago, as he is willingly against dogma.

    2. I am in the camp of why on earth would this “individual” be representing Holy Church instead of a bishop or archbishop who actually has authority as to say what Holy Church will do? Corrupt producer at Fox?

  23. Joy1985 says:

    “Martha’s producers had to know Martin’s agenda when they booked him. With so many loyal Roman Catholic priests, Martin was Fox’s choice? Really?”


  24. Semper Gumby says:

    “We need to listen to public health officials and epidemiologists first.”

    For the Left, some “public health officials and epidemiologists” are more equal than others. Some would have the country quarantined until 2021, a few until 2022. That’s not practical (Second Wave or no), as the Update article indicates.

    Meanwhile, there’s naval action at Naples Bay, Florida:


    Those fine Americans are… rocking the boat… on board with freedom… showing their true colors… giving tyranny a wide berth

  25. If I had a TV show, I’d be happy to have Fr. Martin as a guest, but after I finished with him, he probably would not want to be on my program again. He really does need to be exposed, but not in the way that he would like exposure. Since he’s so slippery, we need a tough interviewer either (a) to nail him down or (b) to show just how slippery he is when the interviewer is clearly trying to nail jelly to a wall.

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  27. dallenl says:

    Father Martin’s problem is quite comparable to a number of others in this type of situation. They are commenting on matters outside their competence. An example that comes to mind is Dr. Linus Pauling who did pioneer work, recognized by a Nobel prize, in chemistry. He then decided to go into peace activism and later Vitamin C as some sort of cure all. Neither of these efforts, while notable, achieved any sort of real success or recognition though both reappear from time to time as updated fads. I doubt that Fr. Martin will ever reach even that level but it’s a good thing to be reminded that many strange things have pretty long lives. I note that the Flat Earth Society is still alive and functioning.

  28. bobbortolin says:

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to keep some of these clips, that Father Z is kind enough to provide, from auto starting? Not all of them do, but this one is particularly aggravating because by the time I scroll all the way down to the video to manually stop the video, “Jim’s” voice is ringing in my ears.

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