The Coming Storm: St. Louis

St. Louis.

This is what the streets are going to be like, more and more often.

There is clearly a demonic component to this.

Language alert.

What a tough guy.  He goes into a crowd of people praying the Rosary and gets up in their faces because he knows that they are not the types to take him out.  What courage.  Threatening to beat a woman.  What a manly man, with his little horn.

BLM, ladies and gentlemen, whose mission statement specifically aims at the destruction of the nuclear family.

Remember what Sr. Lucia wrote to Card. Caffarra?

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  1. Thomas S says:

    I was going to say situations like that will turn very violent in short order, but then I realized it already was violent. Blasting an airhorn in people’s ears, you could seriously damage their hearing. That guy will come to a very bad end. He’ll choose the wrong hombre and wind up in a bloody heap. The praying faithful showed incredible restraint.

  2. APX says:

    I don’t have the patience of those people. I would have kneed that guy in the junk and taken his air horn and broken it.

  3. B says:

    If this cascades into violence against the good Catholics there over the last week, the BLM folks are in for a rude awakening. I think there will be bus loads of faithful Catholics who will come to their rescue. Reminds me of the Vendee.

  4. SimpleCatholic says:

    That man was clearly committing assault. To blow an air horn or use a bull horn capable of that kind of decibel level that close to someone’s ear is criminal assault. They would have been justified in using proportionate means to defend themselves or even in making a citizens arrest.

  5. eamonob says:

    These “men” are effeminate and would never dream of doing this to another man if there was a chance of getting “they butt whooped”, in his words. They know if it’s a woman or if the men are praying the rosary, they’re not there to fight. So they know there’s not really a chance of getting beat up. For me, I don’t really care what these people say… I’ll keep on praying the rosary and ignore their antics.

    Now that being said, if I was there and saw him get in a woman’s face and threaten to assault him, I’m probably grabbing him and choking him out (safely…I’m a BJJ brown belt).

  6. eamonob says:

    *assault her

  7. JustaSinner says:

    No one will do anything. Too many Shep’s without leadership. There are no Hugo Firsts’ left…
    Cameras everywhere and had anyone done anything to that POS the Soros funded County Attorney would have fried them.
    You only beat that thing by following it quietly and striking while it is inevitably high on the koosh…cheap shit style. No cams, no vids, no mercy.
    But I digress…I turn the other cheek like Christ demanded. The dark one wins when violence prevails.

  8. teachermom24 says:

    I had the privilege of being in St. Louis this past weekend spending as much time as possible at St. Francis de Sales, an apostolate of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. Their response to the violence in the city and, in particular, the threats to take down the statue of St. Louis in Forest Park, was to pray. Many parishioners and clergy prayed at the statue itself and courageously confronted “protesters” but, most importantly, the clergy of St. Francis de Sales offered a Solemn High Mass on Saturday for the protection of the statue and for peace and unity in the city. Hundreds assisted at this Mass and it was beyond beautiful. The canon who preached asked first, “Why are we here?” He said, this is not a political protest; we are here to pray for this city and to follow the example of St. Louis in his virtues of humility, obedience and justice. A relic of St. Louis was placed at the altar of Our Lady. Holy cards with the following were given out:

    For the preservation of the statue of St. Louis in Forest Park and for peace and unity in our city.

    This man, despising the world and worldly things, triumphantly laid up treasure in heaven by word and deed.
    V: The Lord led the just man in right paths.
    R: And showed him the kingdom of God.

    Let us pray: O God, Who didst give unto thy blessed Confessor Louis a glorious change from an earthly kingdom unto a heavenly one, grant unto us, we beseech thee, for his sake and by his prayers, one day to enter like him into the Presence of the King of kings, thy Son Jesus Christ. Who with Thee liveth and reigneth, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, one God, world without end. Amen.
    This prayer was offered publicly after every Mass.

  9. Kathleen10 says:

    On Canon 212 there is a video of a BLM mob strutting into a Baptist Church and obnoxiously marching through in a threatening manner. What ugly toads they are. One gentleman tried to hand them literature at the door and this big, fat lady screamed in his face calling him a “dumb
    F—“. I’ve noticed a lot of really big women at these things, what’s the deal! These people are truly demons right out of hell, enjoying their moment of power and domination. It’s hilarious this crowd is the same one squawking about bullying all these years, what a joke.
    Just exactly as bullies do, they are seeming to pick targets that may not fight back. But it’s going to happen sooner rather than later. As people are saying, “I’ve run out of cheeks to turn”. Whatever is behind it, besides Satan, it’s intended to provoke a reaction, which is going to come. Guess who will get blamed. In that Baptist Church incident, two officers were right there. They did nothing but watch.
    God, be with innocent people. Give them St. Michael and the angels to stand with them, amen.

  10. Jack in NH says:

    Father, I apologize to you, your readers, and ask forgiveness from our Almighty Father, but…
    I would have taken out my handy pocket knife & opened up that *$(,#@#!{!’s brachial artery whilst his arm was up.
    Again, apologies.

  11. Matthew says:

    I learned from the good sisters how to strike a blow and pray simultaneously. I won’t be using a ruler, but a cudgel.

  12. surritter says:

    While prayer is good, that was a time when the Catholic gentlemen in that group should have counteracted the evil more strongly.
    Yes, that means forcibly taking the air horn, and with all of it on video, there’s not a cop or a judge who would hold anyone accountable for simply stopping that guy.

  13. tskrobola says:

    surritter is exactly right. Catholic “men” have become a bunch of cowards. They wont speak out against injustice even when its easy, forget protecting someone who is in danger.

  14. kat says:

    It disgusts me that they have to stand there and take abuse, knowing THEY will
    be the ones blamed for anything going wrong.
    That horn should’ve been grabbed and thrown.

  15. APX says:

    atholic “men” have become a bunch of cowards. They wont speak out against injustice even when its easy, forget protecting someone who is in danger.

    And that is why I’m still single. Men are supposed to protect women, and very few do.

  16. JonathanTX says:

    This is a secular statue owned by the City of St Louis and on public land in front of the art museum. Perhaps the best solution would be for the Archdiocese of St. Louis to offer to move the statue to church property (and then have it blessed as a sacramental).

  17. bartlep says:

    That demonic with the battery operated horn was not wearing a mask, practicing social distancing and was yelling viruses into people’s face. I hope he was reported to Dr. Fauxci.

  18. Grumpy Beggar says:

    I’m white. My best friend is black ; African-American – originally from Nashville TN , but living up here in the Montreal area for close to 40 years now. (For this post I’ll call him “Sarge” but that’s not his real name.) Sarge and I played in several bands together over a considerable number of years. I’m a Catholic. He’s a Baptist. He’s 10 years my senior, and he (and his wife) truly are my closest friends. Some of the stories he told me about the racism he encountered daily while growing up in Nashville would make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

    He has always had a profound respect for the Catholic faith. He told me that, “Back in the day, if you couldn’t get a university education, the next best thing was a high school diploma from a Catholic high school.” One day in particular, somewhere in the vicinity of about 18 years ago, I went over to his place and found him handling a small (5-inch) crucifix , cleaning the corpus with some fine steel wool and the wood on the crucifix with some fine grit sandpaper. I exclaimed, “Sarge !. . . (not his real name), I didn’t know you owned a crucifix. He replied, “I didn’t, but on my way home today I saw this in a trash can at the end of someone’s driveway and I said to myself, ‘that ain’t right,’. So I took it home and now I’m cleanin’ it up.”

    What I just shared with you guys is 100% true. There’s lots more I could add, but this is a combox.

    If you ever had a chance to meet Sarge, you would receive the distinct impression from him that he was, in his own way, conveying the message to you that your life matters

    Compare that to the mindless iconoclasts we are witnessing today.
    That deeply disturbed man in the video is conveying the distinct impression that, “Only what I want matters !” Sorry to say it, but he’s an impostor – intent on demeaning whomever he chooses with impunity. What he is demonstrating has very little to do with colour and everything to do with lawlessness. Could he be a type of precursor to the man of lawlessness whom St. Paul speaks of in 2 Thessalonians 2 ?

    So, let’s say for the sake of argument, the peacekeepers just stand by and humour these types and allow them to vandalize and destroy all the statues. What do you think they’ll begin destroying next ?
    It’s too bad that Catholic/Rosary crowd in the video didn’t include some African-American Catholics like Deacon Harold Burke-Silvers. That would’ve quite plainly portrayed Little Boy Blue’s true colours (metaphorically speaking).

  19. Gab says:

    The Catholic men showed great restraint and stepped in when one of the ”BLM” rioters started harassing a woman praying. Had they done anything else, like take that damn horn, mayhem would have resulted. And that is exactly what those ”protestors” were hoping for.
    There’s time for action and a time for restraint and prudence won out that day.

  20. cajunpower says:

    Kudos to the faithful in that video for turning the other cheek (and ear). Had any of them gotten into a physical altercation with the airhorn wielding menace, the national news would have picked up the video clip commencing at that moment and the narrative would’ve been about the racist, violent Catholics.

    The non-violent resistance seen here, which was used to such poignant effect in the civil rights movement of the 1960s, is the only effective response in situations like this.

  21. DeGaulle says:

    Cajunpower has the right of it. This man’s mission was one of provocation, the purpose of which is to elicit a response. Remember the young schoolboy who was intimidated by the ‘Native American’ some time ago whose impeccable actions were twisted and distorted by so-called respectable media using appropriate editing?

    Fair play to those good people.

  22. KateD says:

    That one guy did the exactly right thing, but he was alone. You have to have at least one person on your back….or you need a wall….something to prevent the hordes from encircling you.

    Look at the young Catholic men in Buenos Aries protecting their Church from the rabid femanistas and pro aborts several years ago.

    At any rate, God bless these valiant prayer warriors!

    I don’t think anyone was too worried about the effeminate lisping overgrown boy whoopin’ up anything but a nonfat soy latte down at Starbucks. That man has some serious identity issues beyond just gender insecurity, hence the hollering…He is trying to connect with a heritage foreign and lost to him. There is some serious daddy anger going on there, too. Sad.

    And then that’s where you realize these are our wounded brothers and sisters in our human family, even if they are behaving badly.

    This is what happens when there is a generation cut off from a relationship with their omniscient, omnipresent, all good and loving Heavenly Father. Just makes you want to weep….Keeping children from their Father creates dysfunction.

  23. KateD says:

    I am going to try to put in the link to the video of the men in Argentina. Heroic.

    We can do this together.

    Please note it’s really appalling and gross what they do to these young Catholic men. In other footage earlier during that event there were women, but the women were being badly abused and there was, I think, fear for their safety. Definitely demonic.

  24. robtbrown says:

    Kathleen10 says,

    I’ve noticed a lot of really big women at these things, what’s the deal!

    From what I’ve seen, none of them would be candidates to play the lead in a movie about the life of Diahann Carroll.

    Maybe that’s the problem . . .

  25. WVC says:

    Here’s the problem.

    The CORRECT response is to remove this person from the group. It should be done calmly and firmly, until he responds, at which point it can be done calmly but violently.

    The RESULT of doing the CORRECT thing, though, is being arrested for “assault,” being tried and convicted by the corrupt News Media that would give 24 hour coverage to selected and even edited clips of video to make one look dastardly, one’s own home and family being DOXXED by SJW’s doing the research and passing out one’s private information via SOCIAL MEDIA (which would never dream of censoring such content because it ain’t hate speech if it’s done against a Christian), being fired from one’s job or livelihood because of the negative publicity, having one’s OWN BISHOP come out and publicly condemn one, and then a future of being a perpetual courtroom defendant while one is tried and charged by multiple levels of jurisdiction (thank goodness we have those Federal Hate Crime laws so double-jeopardy can go out the window – one will be tried until found guilty – just ask Daniel Pantaleo). If you want a prophetic understanding of all this – go back and read “Bonfire of the Vanities” – it’s more pertinent know than ever.

    And the chubby, effeminate jerk in the video? He KNOWS all of this, by instinct or intuition if by nothing else.

    So that’s the problem. Risk going to an event and putting one’s entire life, family, and future at stake because of one idiot with the system at his back, or stay home. Trust me, if the system was not putting all of its considerable weight against us, we’d fix this problem overnight. It’s just not that simple.

  26. RosaryRose says:

    The correct response when you are faced with demonic activity is pray. Demons are way smarter and way stronger. I am sure these men & women were very angry, yet they kept their focus on God and Mary. These people are showing great fortitude and humility. The enemy HATES humility. It’s better than boiling oil.

    Why engage these few thugs when this is recorded for the world to see ? What would be won? Broken bones, blood, maybe a gunshot wound? This is a bigger battle. We are fighting for souls. This is how Christians behave. We are here to serve God and God alone. Pray fervently. Be silent. Our Blessed Mother will come to your aid. Don’t be surprised when total strangers show up and defend you. Angels truly walk among us.

    Be Christ! What did He do when they spat at Him, sneered at Him, beat Him? (Hint: nothing)

    Just because you cannot see the effect the praying crowd has, it appears they are weak before the attackers, know that they are making a huge difference in this war. In this Spiritual battle in which we ALL find ourselves, these members of the Church Militant should all get a medal. I’ll add them to my rosary intentions and offerings today. May I have such fortitude when faced with even minor aggravations. God bless these people. All of them – even little bullhorn boy.

    Watch Fr Ripperger’s recent video on Spiritual Protection. He says it so much better than I.

    I thank God for you Fr Z!! God bless you.

  27. WVC says:

    @RosaryRose – I don’t disagree with your sentiment, but at the same time, Cortés didn’t best the Aztecs by prayer alone. Godfrey didn’t take Jerusalem with prayer alone. And Christ did make good use of a whip to drive folks away when it was appropriate. Sometimes broken bones, blood, and wounds are a part of the equation and a part of the sacrifice. That’s not the problem. Many of us, me included, would take that chance. It’s the fact that the enemy now has the means and desire to go after one’s children and wife, and that one’s own bishop will likely condemn one’s actions, that is paralyzing.

    This WILL become violent. Whether it turns into a battle, or whether we Christians just stand there and get slaughtered, it IS going to become violent one way or another. That is the track this train is one – pretending otherwise does nothing. The only way to prevent such an outcome would be for leaders to rise up and stem the tide, but our leaders, both secular and religious, have shown they have not the stomach for that type of leadership.

  28. JesusFreak84 says:

    I saw a meme recently that asks the question I had in mind when reading about this: “Can we all agree that replacing spankings with ‘time-outs’ was a really bad idea?” (Heck, as a child who got both as a little girl, I’ll happily tell you which was more effective…)

  29. Grabski says:

    This is why the Knights of Columbus and AOH were formed. Not only to pray the rosary but to protect they who were praying

  30. Anneliese says:

    Surprise, surprise that native St. Louisians are acting low class and common in public. I can assure you that this behavior and attitude happens when there aren’t police shootings. I’ve lived in St. Louis for 14 years. Coming from a larger Midwestern city, I can only say that St. Louis is one of strangest cities in the country. It has a major identity crisis and inferiority complex. It has a small town feel without the good qualities that come from being in a small town and all the crime that a large metropolitan area has without the benefits and excitement of a major city. It relies solely on the sports industry to create revenue. Its downtown district has nothing to offer except office buildings that are open during the work week. And the most important thing to the people in this city is what high school you graduated from. Not what college you went to, not what you majored in but what high school you went to. St. Louis is also the most unwelcoming city in the Midwest. If you’re not a native, you’ll never be able to truly fit in because the residents aren’t willing to welcome outsiders into their social groups. It wants to be in the big leagues with Chicago or Atlanta but it really doesn’t put forth the effort to be a major player. Thus ends my rant.

  31. teomatteo says:

    yes. who said, “you may not be interested in wharr, but wharr is interested in you”?

  32. Semper Gumby says:

    WVC has a point. Peaceful Rosary groups further strengthen the moral high ground, but a Brute Squad (trained, disciplined and awaiting the proper signal to take swift and decisive action) may be necessary. Self-defense is a right and at times a duty.

    Several comments above denigrating Catholic men might stray into sexism. The men in the video above were there, on the front line in a stressful situation, and displayed patience and fortitude amidst turmoil. God bless them.

    As for the Baptist Church incident helpfully mentioned by Kathleen10, there have already been several instances lately of ecumenical support.

    The future may require “terrain walks” and face-to-face coordination prior to an incident, ecumenical reaction forces, assembly areas (in which reinforcements arrive at an area close to the incident and then proceed to the incident site en masse rather than as individuals or in pairs), and route planning (more than one incident could occur simultaneously and brevity codes could be helpful for communications and change-of-plans). Note the assembly area is also likely to require security if things are quite out of hand. (Note: Antifa and others have already used semi-sophisticated tactics.)

    Regardless, keep it simple. Chaos, adrenaline and natural anxiety complicate things enough. That said, there are many Christian and pro-Christian military and police veterans around.

    Peaceful Rosary groups are helpful. Peace through Strength is helpful.

  33. May I add…

    GMRS radios for comms are inexpensive, useful for all sorts of projects, and you don’t need an FCC license to use them.  There are various “privacy” modes, which make it difficult for outsiders to monitor. I’ve used these to coordinate big Masses with processions, etc. You don’t have to worry about your mobile phone being taken.

  34. WVC says:

    May I also add that being proactive helps. We had a local BLM protest near the church, and we tagged two folks to go “undercover” to the rally, with radios, to monitor the situation and feed back information ahead of time, in case things looked like they’d be heading towards the church.

    I’d also say it would be GREAT if local bishops took a stand and started coordinating legal defense teams to have the back of those “brute squads” – knowing one has legal support as well as bail money in case a situation does go off the rails would be a great motivator.

    It’s time for PRO-ACTIVE Leadership.

  35. Semper Gumby says:

    Thank you Fr. Z. Allow me to add regarding a brevity code: it is useful particularly when the background noise is loud (i.e. a howling mob) or signal strength weak; lists are publicly available for reference, improvise your own (a short list and easily memorized).

    WVC: Good point about legal beagles for the brute squad. “Pro-active” is a helpful dimension. May I kindly add: take it slow, be practical, be aware of your limitations, be aware of local conditions. Godspeed.

  36. Maria says:

    Just happy to see that there were priests in the crowd praying the rosary …

  37. Grant M says:

    A little horn with a big mouth? In the book of Daniel that symbolizes Antiochus Epiphanes, who flourished until the Maccabees rose in revolt.

  38. WVC says:

    If anyone wants a real-life example of what I’m talking about, check out Michelle Malkin’s recent article about Steven Baca.

  39. Kerry says:

    Horn-Boy intruded into others’ personal spaces. The counter, suggested, by a martial arts friend; immediately throw both arms up into the air and shout, “Don’t Come Any Closer!!” (It worked for me once, repelling a panhandler. (Polite people do not intrude. Criminals, not so much.)
    In our Anglo-Saxon culture, speaking face to face distances are maybe, two feet. Not so with Arabs, middle easterners and others. They get within ‘smell the garlic breath’ distance. I’d wager getting that close would force ‘The Boy with the Horn’, to back away.
    Third, it seems to me that slapping the ‘horn left arm’ of the ‘Boy with the Horn’ towards his middle with one’s right hand, while grabbing the horn with one’s left would twist it out of his hand.
    Hopefully a Moe Howard to the eyes would not be needed. But if he advanced, well…

  40. The Cobbler says:


    I’m the type to accompany a lady back to her door in the evening, should the alternative be for her to go out alone; you should hear the thanks I get for it from even the “catholic” feminists these days… oh, you should hear it, but I wouldn’t be a gentleman if you heard it from me!

  41. tskrobola says:

    Some have suggested that the only risk free approach to being in a public square and to pray is to let the other side do whatever they want to you. I disagree I think videos like this are overwhelmingly discouraging to good people of faith. It only serves to reinforce the idea that the only thing that we as Catholics can do now is to show up some place and be abused.

    We are not allowed to be aggressive on the same terms as our opponents, and that’s OK, because we do not want to be Brownshirts. But we can and must defend our space.

    Because Catholics (esp. white Catholics) are viewed as practitioners of traditional and/or white privilege, non violence will **not be viewed sympathetically by anyone**, but will be viewed as weakness; and weakness on our part is not going to win the hearts and minds of anybody on any side of any issue. Rather, it will only reinforce in the minds of our opppsition and those who are wavering that the nation’s Christian moment has passed. We need to thread the needle with calmness, intelligence, and compassion, but we must appear to be in control of our space if we are organizing in the public square.

    If the point of the prayer activity is strictly spiritual, It is just as spiritually efficacious if it is carried out in a private space. If rather the point of the activity is to **encourage people** through spiritual acts of mercy, great! Then the resulting video evidence **must have the effect of encouraging people to (a) accept your message and (b) join your cause (either directly ot by imitation). If the resulting video would discourage others from carrying out the same action then it is counterproductive as a *public* action.
    Videos of Catholics being humiliated and abused in this fashion will discourage good people from imitation, more than it will encourage them, and I don’t think there’s any question about that.

    If you are going to be in the public square and in the lens of many cameras and thus unfairly edited videos that will be used against you politically and legally, you had better have a plan for how to get your message out, protect your physical space, and to defend yourselves.

    Designate four or five of your own to video tape the entire thing from a bunch of different angles, so that if the other side tries to nail you with their chopped up video, you have the whole thing recorded from different angles, so you can defend yourself politically + legally.

  42. tskrobola says:

    But make no mistake you need to have a perimeter of defense. Those on the perimeter should be trained in and practice primarily non violent resistence, of course, but the perimeter defense has to be there, and it has to be effective, even if that involves physical resistence, in order for a public event to have the intended positive effect on the audience and not to be a slaughter fest. Good fences make good neighbors.

  43. tskrobola says:

    One more tactical note: Since video taping the event with your own people is a key way to defend yourself politically and legally, making sure to position your video people and to keep them from being blocked off by the opposition is a key point.

    It might be a good idea for those who are designated to video record to be clearly separated from the group, arrive separately, do not socialize with the group, and dress and comport in a way so as not to be identified as one of the group…that way if something goes down the opposition won’t be able to identify who are video taping for the good guys.

  44. chantgirl says:

    These two articles give a pretty good description of what has been happening with the rosary rallies in St. Louis. The nights when we have participated have been pretty calm, thankfully. Tomorrow evening may be more interesting, as it looks like one of the familiar instigators has organized an opposing prayer rally in front of the Art Museum at the same time as our rosary rally. Please say a prayer for our city. Our city treasurer has referred to the rosary group as KKK members on twitter, and our city DA refuses to prosecute people who have rioted, looted, and committed violence in connection with recent protests. The local media has allowed Umar Lee and his band of violent thugs to slander us on camera, unchallenged, as KKK and white supremacists, thereby putting innocent peoples’ safety at stake.

    At first I thought it was bizarre that peaceful rosary-praying Catholics were being called KKK, and that maybe the protesters were just trying to race-bait and get more protesters to show up and bother us, but now I think that they really do consider Christianity and Catholicism in general to be racist. People don’t seem to remember that the KKK hated Catholics too. There seems to be undercurrents of Islam and Nation of Islam in the BLM movement, so I guess it makes sense that they have gone after a monument of a Catholic saint.

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