ACTION ITEM! New TARTAN for the Personal Ordinariates of Walsingham, St. Peter and O.L. of the Southern Cross

On a lighter note, I received this interesting tid bit today.

You know about the Ordinariates formed to receive Anglicans, etc., in the Church, preserving their traditions, etc.  There are three at this point, for the UK, North American and Australia.

It seem that they are going to have their very own tartan.  And, I say, “why not?”

The tartan is intended for all three Ordinariates, not just for Scots.

The Chaplain of the Ordinariate in Scotland and his wife have undertaken a Kickstarter crowd fundraiser to have the design woven and then made into things tartans are made into.  It was launched on 1 November and has reached 24% of its goal of £2,700.  The project ends on 30 November (St. Andrew’s Day… appropriate).   Translated: At the time of this writing, they’ve raised $1357 of of their goal $3552.

I’ll bet you readers can resolve that pretty quickl!

Among the items that will be available from the tartan are, fabric by the meter, scarves, gents waistcoats, and even a priest’s stole (in white with tartan at the ends… whew).

Actually, I think I’d rather like one of those stoles, which is embroidered with images of Our Lady of Walsingham.  I have Daniel Mitsui’s rendering on my wall here in the Cupboard Under the Stair.

The tartan has so much green that I suppose it could be used for a green vestment.   A solemn set might give the altar boys vertigo.

This is a spiffy project.   Wanna have a look at the tartan?  There’s a video about the pattern and about weaving process which is really interesting.





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  1. beelady says:

    Very cool!
    I will have to make a contribution, it reminds me of my family tartan – Morrison.

  2. Mariana2 says:


    Now if there only were a tartan for Scandinavian converts…

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