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ACTION ITEM! New TARTAN for the Personal Ordinariates of Walsingham, St. Peter and O.L. of the Southern Cross

On a lighter note, I received this interesting tid bit today. You know about the Ordinariates formed to receive Anglicans, etc., in the Church, preserving their traditions, etc.  There are three at this point, for the UK, North American and … Read More

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Scottish young people’s Letter to a Synod bishop

The UK’s best Catholic weekly, the Catholic Herald, has the text of a letter signed by 107 “young people” (18-35) in Scotland, to Archbp. Cushley of St Andrews and Edinburgh in Scotland. Some of their statements are, I think, not what the … Read More

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Scotland: priests attacked

From the Scottish Catholic Observer: Priests under attack By Ian Dunn and Martin Dunlop An arson blaze and robberies show that Scotland’s priests are, once again, being targeted by opportunistic criminals. [Again?!?] Priests in Scotland are increasingly living in fear … Read More

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For the Just Too Cool file, I read on The History Blog that the only surviving documents connected to William Wallace are returning to Scotland. Included is the Lübeck Letter and is the only surviving document we have that was … Read More

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Scotland’s Bishops to deploy the new, corrected translation in September

My emphases in this story from CNA: Glasgow, Scotland, Apr 12, 2011 / 07:19 pm (CNA).- Scotland’s bishops have become the latest to give their backing to the new English translation of the Roman Missal. The bishops said the new … Read More

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Summorum Pontificum in Scotland

Damian Thompson, whom I was able to see in NYC but not in London for some reason, posted this enlightening entry: Why is Summorum Pontificum a dead letter in Scotland? I’ve been contacted by a student at St Andrews University … Read More

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Composer James MacMillian explains what happened before the Papal Visit

Here is a story from The Telegraph about the trouble distinguished composer James MacMillian had with the liturgical establishment before the Holy Father’s visit to Scotland and England. James MacMillan is a Scottish composer whose symphonies, concertos, operas, sacred music … Read More

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Benedict XVI’s presser on the airplane to Scotland

On the airplane winging to Scotland, the Holy Father took a few questions from journos during a brief presser. Q. – Your Holiness, … during the preparation for this journey there have been contrary discussions and positions. The country has … Read More

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Liturgical wrangling in Scotland

There is some tension in Scotland over the upcoming visit of Benedict XVI and the inevitable committee designed mega-Mass which must ensue. I wonder if there would be, could be, so much tension and, surely, animosity, were the older form … Read More

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Papal visit to Scotland: rumors about defiance of “Benedictine arrangment”

Damian Thompson posted this over at his place. My emphases and comments. The Pope’s Mass in Glasgow: are Benedict XVI’s liturgical wishes being ignored? Pope Benedict XVI likes to celebrate Mass on an altar bearing six candles, or seven if … Read More

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Benedict XVI will use Latin when in Scotland

In case anyone missed it, I object to the term "the Latin Mass" when used to indicated the Traditional Latin Mass, otherwise called the Extraordinary Form or a whole raft of other things. I object to "the Latin Mass", because … Read More

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Benedict XVI to Scottish Bishops: “complete fidelity”

Every five years bishops are required to make an ad limina apostolorum pilgrimage to Rome to visit the "thresholds" and the tombs of the Apostles Peter and Paul and to meet with the Holy Father and Curia for status quaestionis … Read More

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Scotland: Antiquity confers solemnity in shape of Latin mass

Here is something from The Herald of Scotland with my emphases and comments: Antiquity confers solemnity in shape of Latin mass Cate Devine Published on 17 Jan 2010 Attending a traditional Latin mass in Glasgow yesterday was a chilling experience. … Read More

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