ACTION ITEM! Seven Sister Apostolate – THURSDAY

UPDATE 31 Dec 2020:

I received this note:

Father, four women have come forward to pray for you on Thursdays!
One new “sister” is from Luxembourg.
I suggest you post that your request has been fulfilled and that you will post again when there is a need.

I am so very grateful.

Also, I received this note:

Just wanted to let you know the incredible fruit, in our diocese, of one of your seven sisters shout-out posts about a year ago. As a direct result of that post, we now have five parish groups and one for our Archbishop (which takes 21 ladies!), plus at least five that I’m aware of that are in active formation right now. Over half this activity has come about in past month, with incredible response to a novena we prayed for the Immaculate Conception. Our priests are so grateful, and especially our Archbishop. There are ripple effects of the things you post! Keep it up, and thank you so much! Also, I hope your back is better, that’s miserable – will continue prayers for you as well.

Merry Christmas!

Originally Published on: Dec 30, 2020

Do you know the Seven Sisters Apostolate? It is truly terrific.

I received this note:

Hello Father, we have need for a Sister for you on Thursdays. Could you just post a short request, something like:

My Seven Sisters prayer group is in need of someone to do my Thursday Holy Hour. If anyone can accommodate, please send email to The commitment is for one year, renewable.

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