BOOKS RECEIVED: Card. Pell’s Prison Journal, Kwasniewski’s latest, and a post-Conciliar French commentary about the “modern” Church

My spies tell me that, possibly tomorrow, something big in the line of news involving Card. Pell.

Meanwhile, today I see at The Australian that since 2014, without the knowledge of senior Church leaders, $2.3 BILLION have be transferred to Australia, in increasing amounts as the years went on.

No one seems to know why.

I bet we will find out!

Meanwhile again, I received a copy of Card. Pell’s new book…

PRISON JOURNAL – Vol. 1 – Ignatius Press


I’ve also received two other books which I have not yet had time to explore.

The Holy Bread of Eternal Life: Restoring Eucharistic Reverence in an Age of Impiety by Peter Kwasniewski – Sophia Press


and also

Love and Truth: The Christian Path of Charity by Jean Borella (translated from the French)  – Angelico Press


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  1. acardnal says:

    Thanks Father. I look forward to seeing what books you are reading.

    Catholic World Report recently published their annual reading list as recommended by people of note: HERE

  2. donato2 says:

    The only big Cardinal Pell-related news that I could imagine would involve the name Becciu and perhaps be linked to the extraordinary amount of money allegedly transferred to Australia during Pope Francis’ pontificate. I haven’t checked what verification if any exists for the $2.3 billion claim but I find it hard to believe.

  3. murrius says:

    So, the Vatican began transferring 2.3 billion to Australia in 2014 and nobody knows who authorized it or where that enormous amount of money went. That is astounding in itself, but also of note is that Pope Francis appointed Cardinal Pell as head of the Vatican Secretariat for the Economy – also in 2014. Interesting.

  4. Gab says:

    A couple of months ago, the financial crimes regulator in Australia, AUSTRAC, had passed information to police about allegations of money being transferred from the Vatican in relation to the trial of Cardinal George Pell. (Some 700,000 euro).

    The information was provided to both the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and also Victoria Police (VicPol). The smelliest police force in Australia (VicPol), who advertised for ”victims” to come forward even before they had charged Cardinal Pell with any crime, rushed to declare that the recipients will be protected and that no evidence of suspicious activity exists – apart from 700,000 stolen euros being tipped into somebody’s account “over a period of time.” VicPol didn’t deny the recipient was linked to the anti-Pell cause, mind. If the money went to a plainly neutral person or cause, they would have said so. Loudly. And now we hear of even more money being stolen and transferred to Australia from the Vatican account to an account(s) that nobody seems to know about – in this day and age of traceable money transfers. Incredulous, eh? The truth will out eventually.

    Meanwhile, the Cardinal’s book is an exceptional read, the proceeds of which will be used to pay his hefty legal fees.

  5. GregB says:

    At least the Church appears to be consistent. In the hands of some of the hierarchy the Deposit of Faith is just as messed up as the Church finances. The Church hierarchy needs both a spiritual as well as a financial audit. The situation is very much like the Parable of the Dishonest Manager.

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