Why would a pope do such a thing?

I have a few busy days right now and also people in town, so my energies are divided.

However, I bring to your attention the fact that, other day, with other religious leaders Francis signed a document about “safeguarding nature” in advance of some gassy climate confab in Scotland.  Antonio Socci says that the 2350 word document has not a single reference to God or a creator or creation.

I have to ask myself: Why would a Pope sign such a document?

On the other hand, Francis also appointed Jeffrey Sachs to the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.  Jeffrey Sachs.

I have to ask myself: Why would a Pope make such an appointment?


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  1. Dad of Six says:

    “And be not conformed to this world; but be reformed in the newness of your mind, that you may prove what is the good, and the acceptable, and the perfect will of God.”

    Saint Paul said it best.

  2. Ivan says:

    Maybe, just maybe, if those two questions would be formulated with: “Who would…”, the answers could be given more easily.

  3. Danteewoo says:

    A pope didn’t sign such a thing, a pope didn’t make such an appointment, a pope didn’t do such a thing.

  4. mrs wu says:

    Truly. Why.

    Unrelated note, in a wakeful time last night, I decided to turn my frequent insomnia into an opportunity to pray for the poor souls in Purgatory. I’ll be one of those souls someday, and I’m not sure who will still be alive to pray for me.

    I can’t fix Rome. But I can pray for those who need my prayers.

  5. Annunciata says:

    Fr Z,
    I have the same nagging thoughts on what I read about Pope Francis.

    Please answer: I love the 23rd Psalm, but as far as The Good Shepherd depicted on his papal cross, is this image considered a a Crucifix? Can a lay Roman Catholic wear it as such?
    I have another nagging thought that a true crucifix must show Jesus’ crucified Body. Thankyou.

  6. Rob83 says:

    The questions may be better expressed without the why in front.

  7. philosophicallyfrank says:

    Maybe, just maybe, this is the trial that we have to deal with as a result of our allowing God to be removed from our society and have made no effort to counter it. Maybe, just maybe, it is a price that we need to pay for the “true’ numbers of lives lost due to abortion; numbers that, to date, no one seems to have comprehended. The loss of the life of that baby is minuscule compared to the reality of the abortion. What about the children that that baby would have had if allowed to live. What about the grandchildren and the greatgrandchildren and the great,great,grandchildren and the etc., etc. ad infinatum to the end of time. That baby is the tip of an upside down triangle and the numbers will grow astronomically as the years go bye into the trillions and the quadrillions and the quintillions and on and on.

  8. Nancy D says:

    Surely a True Pope would not be afraid to give witness to Christ’s Teaching in regards to The Sanctity of all human life from the moment of conception and the Sanctity of The Sacrament Of Marriage. I wonder why Pope Benedict remains silent and why no one has asked him why the Vatican is aligning with those who are anti Christ?

    Why not move Our Holy Father Benedict to a safe haven? I continue to be concerned for his safety.

  9. Cornelius says:

    Several have already said it, but I’ll reiterate and echo: a Pope wouldn’t do such things.

  10. pscruz says:

    Maybe the pope signed this awful thing because he agrees with it? Absolutely no sarcasm intended.
    I hope all of you are able to watch Putin’s 6 minute video attacking the west for the whole politically correct trash (e.g. “human’s milk” instead of “Mother’s milk”).
    I can’t recall the website but a viewer commented with my favorite comment of all time…..”I used to pray for the intentions of the pope and Russia’s conversion, now I pray for Russia’s intentions and the pope’s conversion”.

  11. JonPatrick says:

    I think Mrs. Wu has the right approach. Last night I just happened to be watching one of Fr. Heilman’s Grace Force episodes about Purgatory and the importance of praying for those souls, plus the importance of indulgences and masses to be said for them. Something I need to focus on more instead of worrying about what is going on at the Vatican. which I can do nothing about.

  12. teomatteo says:

    ‘cuz he knows it will cause scandal amoung the serious catholics and that tickles his fancy?

  13. jaykay says:

    philosophicallyfrank: what you, and all right-thinking people, list as a tragedy is considered a sort of added benefit by the supporters of the dark sacrament of abortion. A benefit for their gaia-deity, in terms of population-reduction. It is, of course, a benefit for the anti-Deity behind it all. Pray that they come to see this reality before it’s too late for them.

  14. Cincture says:


    And for this All hallow’een; as the false is duped by masks of the faithful, and too then frightened away by the actual strength of faith’s exercise. One prays especially for each of our family and friends’ souls; that, as the Saints in turn provide supplementary fire for our existence, and this, together with our prayers may too provide fire for all souls. The thing about candles, our solemnly selecting them or requesting their presence: Their very essence when installed, and provided with prayers, are a blessing. They are accompanied with, into and upward, are such that we always specifically exhort our Lord, Blessed Mary, Saint Joseph and all the Saints, to intercede for our loved ones. I would prayerfully request that we also each time direct our prayers generally to the Souls in purgatory. Pray then for our loved ones in each of our offerings, and add that, for each of our loved ones who the Lord may welcome to the beatific vision, we humbly pray that our prayers for each be transferred in God’s Mercy to another Soul, known or unknown, such that that Soul we pray may worthily and be accelerated (in our sense of time) to the same great Grace and Mercy of our Lord. Amen.

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