ACTION ITEM! Raise money for a cancelled priest’s portable altar – UPDATED


We made our goal! Thank you to everyone who contributed.

If you continue to donate to the TMSM, we will put the funds to good use!

___ Oringinally Published on: Nov 24, 2021

I have a plea to make on behalf of a priest who was cancelled by his bishop.  I know him well.

This priest had been part of a group of religious priests.  However, sensing a greater need for traditional worship, he amicably went his way from them in to regular diocesan priesthood.   That means that he didn’t have much of anything of his own, chalice, vestments, etc.   So, the group of which I am president, the Tridentine Mass Society of Madison (TMSM) helped him with some things.

The TMSM is not limited to operating in Madison, of course.

Some time ago, he had ordered a portable altar from St. Joseph’s Apprentice, about whom I have written many times on this blog.

The altar has arrived.  He is struggling to make ends meet.

Being “cancelled” is like that.  Believe me.

This is what I ask.

The TMSM is a 501(c)(3) organization.  Let’s raise some money for Father to pay for that portable altar to help him in the reverent and dignified celebration of Holy Mass – on the move or in private.

His invoice for the portable altar was for $1960.

You can donate to the TMSM via PayPal using this page


If we go over the amount for the altar, we can always find other good causes in support of and defense of and PROMOTION of the Vetus Ordo!

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