@ArchbishpSample of @archdpdx issues a dispensation regarding Francis’ very own Plessy v. Ferguson

The cruel Francis’ legacy document – his very own Plessy v. Ferguson – Traditionis custodes is calling forth what many reasonable people think are unnecessary statements from dioceses. Some are really bad, but that is to be expected given those certain bishops. Some, neutral. Some rather wry.

What about the Archdiocese of Portland? Archbishop Sample – a friend of many years – is an accomplished canonist.

Note two things.  The total lack of front-loaded blah blah, faux pastoral moaning and cooing of self-justification.  Next, the key canons he cites at the top, 14 and 87.

This on the eve of the USCCB meeting.

My hope is that Archbp. Sample will, soon, celebrate a Pontifical Mass at the Throne.

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  2. TonyO says:

    1. Wow. Great directive. Great bishop.

    2. Apparently, there are no FSSP or ICKSP parishes there. Other bishops might have to be more creative to get the same result. Or just use canon 87 A1 as a blanket on almost everything in TC.

  3. monstrance says:

    St Stevens in Portland offers Traditional Mass 7 days a week.
    The only NO Mass is the Saturday Vigil.

  4. monstrance says:

    Pardon me –
    St Stephen

  5. JimmyD7 says:

    There is an awesome parish at Holy Rosary run by the Dominicans. I went there for a few years when I would travel on business to Portland. It is the first place I ever encountered anything other than NO. It changed me forever.

  6. eamonob says:

    Archbishop Sample is my bishop. I have been to a couple of his pontifical Masses in the traditional rite and he has been very kind and fatherly to the traditional community here, as well as the archdiocese in general. Since he’s been here, we’ve gone from one parish offering weekly TLM to now probably about 10. We even have one diocesan parish that is essentially a traditional-only parish, offering only the Saturday vigil NO; everything else, daily and Sunday, is TLM as are the other sacraments.

    Archbishop Sample just celebrated the TLM for the diocesan men’s conference a week ago.

  7. Well..if his fellow bishops who were inclined to be ‘pastorally sensitive’ and ‘accompany’ those of us who are attracted to the Classical Roman Rite rather than put their mailed fists inside a leather glove were to cut and paste this under their own letterhead (with the necessary edits, of course) over their own signatures…TC would be ‘dead on arrival’ and an artifact of the last gasps of the 1960s’ foolishness.

    Not counting on it, mind you. But it’s a thought for those who may be on the fence about what to do.

  8. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Nicely done. And exactly what the power of dispensation is meant to do — to dispense from what is unnecessary or unnecessarily difficult, and to lighten burdens on the faithful.

    Obedience was never meant to be a dead hand, and pastoral care is supposed to temper the wind to the shorn sheep.

  9. Jim says:

    When Archbishop Sample established our weekly TLM at Sacred Heart in Medford, our first Mass fell on the First Sunday of Advent in 2019, on December 1st: fifty years to the day (liturgically speaking) since the last time the usus antiquior had been celebrated in that old church that once endured clown masses. Oh, and the feast day of St. John Cantius as well.

    If you look carefully at the text, it appears that we will be expanding from Sundays to include Holy Days from now on. He really is such a good bishop.

  10. gdweber says:

    Alleluia! Alleluia!

  11. prayfatima says:

    I love the total lack of blah blah. Short and simple, Archbishop Sample gives the example! He refuses to provoke those under his authority. God bless him.

  12. IaninEngland says:

    Please send his Grace an e-mail or a letter to thank him for exercising his shepherd’s heart. I did.

  13. kurtmasur says:

    “ “Whereas defining a non-parochial location might risk the creation of a new group in violation of art. 3 §6, which proscribes the authorization of new groups.”

    This is gold, pure gold. TC is like a dog chasing and biting its own tail. When I read the above statement I nearly spit out my drink, lol. Very clever canonist indeed. May the Church continue to have more coherent and truly pastoral bishops that make sense like Bishop Sample, because that is what he is, a true pastor.

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  15. adriennep says:

    Yes, a great Archbishop who not surprisingly is cultivating many outstanding priests. Fr. Kenyon’s incredible homilies are recorded every week and posted online.

    From the July 11, 2021 Latin Mass in Medford, Oregon, homily by Fr. Stephen Kenyon:
    Marxism and Modernism: A Pair of Modern Day Wolves


  16. While a statement such as this may not be necessary, it is certainly welcome and highly useful, much as a cold drink is welcome to someone walking through the desert even though the chill is not strictly necessary and a warm drink would suffice for survival. Earlier examples of dispensations under canon 87 have been more polite than this. This one basically confronts the motu proprio directly and stops just short of saying that it is poorly written and unenforceable. It’s one thing for armchair commentators such as us to make such an observation, but it matters more when an archbishop says it. The reference to canon 14 shows that he understands the overall philosophy and context of canon law as well individual canons. Those in the Archdiocese of Portland should write a brief thank-you note to their shepherd. Maybe if he can show enough warm thank-yous to his fellow bishops at their meeting, other bishops may be emboldened to follow suit.

  17. And, let it be noted, that Mons Sample has made Fr John Boyle, pastor in Cottage Grove, a great friend of Tradition, episcopal vicar for the usus antiquior. Some may recall, from when he was still in England, his blogging days– to be honest, I can’t myself remember the blog’s title.

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  19. Kathleen10 says:

    This letter sounds like how a Catholic leader communicates, citing canon law not platitudes and nonsense. The church this man speaks for is rock solid, and operates on that law, tradition, and precedence. The heart for the flock is there, respect for tradition and the people who love it. Our bishop, who had at least tolerated our TLM, recently came to our church during the TLM, on a Feast Day. It was actually wonderful to have him there, very special, and here I thought I was now immune to bishops. He captured our hearts. We are very appreciative. I would say who he is, but in today’s climate, that may put a burden on the bishop. Thank God for the few faithful bishops we have.

  20. Oh no! Archbishop Sample caught the Common-Sense virus! It’s spreading too fast!

  21. seattle_cdn says:

    There actually is a pastoral cover letter to this. I don’t think you’d have a problem with it anyways.

  22. Cincture says:

    The full publications alluded to by seattle_cdn may be found here

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