Another jackass and a quick POLL

Attempt, legally or not, morally or not, to suppress the people who desire traditional Catholic worship, the Traditional Latin Mass, but do nothing… absolutely nothing … about jackass stunts like this.

He’s so “with it”.  That’s what priests who want all that Latin should be doing, because this is what El Pueblo likes.

Granted: A priest who is a jackass could do something jackassy dumb like like after any sort of Mass, the Novus Ordo, the TLM, heck – Divine Liturgy.   But I think I am not going out too far on a limb to suggest that one of these forms is more prone to jackassiness than the other.

What say you?

Let’s have a quick poll…

You are more likely to see jackass stunts, like priests on scooters, singing pop tunes, dancing, etc., at which Rite of Mass?

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And another…

Would that scooter stunt be okay if it were the only way a priest who was elderly or not able to walk to get to and from the altar?

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But the TLM has to go!  It’s divisive!

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  1. Enat Basil says:

    Mine, it’s too dangerous, the priest should wear a helmet.
    My Irish friend from Cork told me that a certain priest there wants to be “creative”, so on Palm Sunday he went down the aisle RIDING ON A REAL DONKEY . The poor animal freaked out (by pop church hymns?) and went wild. It threw him off and kicked down an old lady, they had to call the ambulance. My friend got enough with all those creativities and started to attend TLM. Now she’s already veiled in a beautiful and traditional Benedictine convent.
    Anyway, my point is, to have a vehicle of any sorts moving around in a full-seated church is very dangerous. The priest should as while get everyone in the church a helmet.

  2. APX says:

    Do they not have Covid anymore in Ireland?

  3. Athelstan says:

    While this sort of thing is perhaps not a commonplace in Ireland, it’s also true that the liturgical life in Irish parishes now *is* more impoverished than the norm.

    And maybe, just maybe, we might reflect on the fact that the Irish Church consecrated more bishops than it ordained priests this year, and ponder why that might be the case.

  4. Edward says:

    Anything that denigrates the solemnity of the Sacrifice of the Mass is out of place. A Catholic Church is a sacred space in spite of how too many are treated. We saw many so designated in Rome, why not here in the US?

    This priest might as well have been in a circus, because he is a clown. We were once in a parish with a lib priest and staff, we left when the liturgical dancers performed at Easter.

  5. TonyO says:

    I think I am not going out too far on a limb to suggest that one of these forms is more prone to jackassiness than the other.

    Funny, I thought the word was “jackassery”, but whatever. Either one works.

    Regarding priests who need alternate methods of locomotion because of disability:
    (1) there are usually stairs / steps involved, and no wheeled item is going to get them up those.
    (2) There are always other methods than a scooter. Bet ya dollars to doughnuts that a wheelchair would have been available had the priest asked “Santa”. Or other options – including a couple of ushers to carry the priest. or a group of 4 carrying the priest in a sedan chair – of ancient and venerable tradition.

    How about a vote to see how many people think the bishop will bother to make an effort to reprimand said priest. But if the priest had offered to hear confessions during the worst of the pandemic, just watch how fast the bishop would have taken steps. Priorities all out of whack.

  6. Josephus Corvus says:

    For the second poll, I’m having a hard time seeing a situation where THAT would be the only way for an infirm priest to get to the altar. There are many things that have been developed for people with medical issues from knee scooters to fully automated wheelchairs. THAT scooter is not one of those options. There is also the option of coming and going via the sacristy door.

  7. Danteewoo says:

    I remember decades ago reading about a priest, I think in Virginia, who celebrated Easter Sunday by coming down the main aisle on a forklift. A different kind of resurrection.

  8. j stark says:

    If we went to the Tridentine Mass only, which is what will one day happen; there will be a lot of liberals still saying mass; so liturgical abuse will happen in the ancient rite.

  9. WVC says:

    @ j stark – Perhaps, but I suspect most liberals would rather shave their own skin off with a rusty razor than learn and then offer anything even close to the traditional Mass, and will likely bolt to form their own “community” or become Episcopal or whatever. Of the ones that don’t run away, I suspect some if not many would experience some degree of conversion by the many graces to be found in that liturgy and by the many prayers they would be receiving from very earnest and holier than average congregations. Of the tiny minority of obstinate heretics who are too cowardly to flee and too stubborn to convert, sure, some might try to enact small revenges with liturgical abuses, but the very point of Novus Ordo liturgical abuse is to celebrate how “brilliant” and “innovative” the celebrant is, receiving applause and accolades in churches where they’re still so ignorant of the Sacrifice of the Mass that they openly clap clownish antics. In the Traditional Mass every abuse would be met with scorn, correction, and possible consequences, so it would be a loser’s game.

    So not so much as one might initially think.

  10. Suburbanbanshee says:

    There are “scooters” for people with broken legs, but they are very slow and stable with a high place to rest one leg. That was ridiculous… and unnecessary.

    If the priest had wanted to play and influence kids, like St. John Bosco, he would have taken the scooter outside in the parking lot or on the sidewalk of church. The priest wanted to have other people watching him, in a sacred place, so that he could have the feeling of bossing around God and everybody.

    Or he’s just an educated, ordained idiot with no reverence sense. Which is possible.

  11. hwriggles4 says:

    I remember a priest in college (early 1990s) who one Sunday rode his bicycle up to the altar at the beginning of Mass. Friends from that time tell me that “look at me” attitude was not uncommon.

    Although I do like humor, there are certain times when humor is not appropriate.

  12. Kathleen10 says:

    People like this are not priests as much as showmen. No doubt some are enjoying turning the church into their own venue for performances. A certain kind of man is often drawn into theater, dance, music, but I can’t remember what type of man that is. All eyes on me, people.
    It is a bit unnerving when priests engage in something juvenile boys would be interested in. Do some priests not understand this yet? BAD…LOOK. Look Father, it is no longer entertaining to see grown men gallop around like adolescents in some escapade. Grow up. It’s cringey. It’s creepy. Parents, take note and act accordingly. Know where your boys are, every second. Never leave them alone at the church or with a man unrelated to them. Don’t do it.
    But saddest of all, there stand the gaping buffoons, clapping and cheering Father’s spectacle. The Creator of All That Is or Ever Was or Ever Will Be, is yards away, ignored and forgotten, while Father draws all attention to himself. Do any of these people realize how profane and ludicrous that is? I guarantee, there were at least five people there, silent, horrified, offering apologies to God, rather than heehawing with the crowd. God bless those people.

  13. Benedict Joseph says:

    Unbearable. He like a legion of others did their training at an ego enhancement spa.

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