FATHERS! ACTION ITEM! Great idea from a priest about the Dubious Dubia and the Traditional Latin Mass for New Year’s Day

I received this great suggestion from a priest friend:

There is great deal of angst among TLMers after Saturday’s Responsa. Thank you for what you have written in the aftermath. In addition to encouraging prayer and Confession, perhaps we could take a lead in helping our people pray through a tumultuous time?

I suggest that priests offering the Extraordinary Form on New Year’s Day follow it with a Holy Hour for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit for the good of the Church.

There already is a plenary indulgence on January 1 for those who “devoutly assist at the recitation or solemn singing of Veni Creator to implore divine assistance for the course of the whole year” on New Year’s Day. [ Enchiridion Indulgentiarum (1999), no. 26 § 1, 1° ]

Let’s do it!

Get this into the hands of your priests who celebrate Mass with the Vetus Ordo.

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  2. j stark says:

    Great idea; but I think it is time to stop using the term Extraordinary Form; Benedict was wrong on that account. We do not have one Rite with two forms; but rather two distinct Rites.

    2022 will bring the suppression of the Ecclesia Dei Communities and either the excommunication of the SSPX or they will be declared a new Branch of Catholicism; with their own legislative authority such as the Eastern Churches. No longer Roman Catholic but something distinct while remaining Catholic.

  3. Fulco One Eye says:

    J stark is predicting a difficult future choice for us. For several years since it became available, my wife and I have attended a diocesan UA Mass that is regularly held about 50 miles from us. When circumstances required, we attended at an SSPX chapel about as far from where we live. Though we have nothing but respect for the SSPX clergy and people we have met, we have stayed with our diocesan Church for obvious reasons. PF is gradually making that a more difficult for us to have this choice.

  4. j stark says:

    I am not sure what the obvious reasons are; the Society has been proven correct; and the SSPX Priests I have met and know are dedicated to the Salvation of Souls; I cannot say the same of many NO Priests I have known over the years. The Church is imploding but let us be thankful for the far sighted view of the Archbishop. This is why Francis will excommunicate or I think declare them to be a Church in their own rite. This would result in Roman Catholics being NO only. This would prevent Diocesean Priests from saying the Mass; and would relegate the Mass to society places only, which are sporadic; hence, it would slow down the Traditional movement.

    Archbishop Lefebvre Pray for Us!

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