CQ CQ CQ: Ham Radio and Apostolic Pardon converge

From a reader…

I was the gentleman that called you in February and thanked you for harping on getting the Apostolic Pardon for the dying. I did that for my father, Daniel, and left a message after he passed. You even did a post on it! Thank you!

Well, I am a ham, KE8IBH too. I wrote a study guide for the 2022-2026 Technician Exam. I was hoping you could post it on your website, instead of my competitor. LOL!

Technician Class Test 2022-2026

God bless you for your kindness to my dad and me!


Thanks for that.  It does my heart good when I get notes from people to say that, because of something they read here, they knew to do A, B or C… such as get a priest and make sure the Apostolic Pardon was imparted.

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  1. Not says:

    My Wife and I have been blessed for years with great Traditional Priests. Both my Dad and my Father in law suffered from dementia at the end of their lives. Our priest were able to give them both Extreme Unction with the Apostolic Blessing. My Dad was never a devout Catholic, but in the later years was saying the rosary. He would hold up his beads and smile and say ,”Look, I am a holy roller now!” The whole group of dementia patients would say the rosary. God is good.

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