Concerning the Traditional Latin Mass in Washington D.C.

The effects of the cruel Traditionis custodes are widespread.

Here is an excerpt from an email, followed by a link to a blog post about the D.C. situation regarding the Vetus Ordo.

We are praying hard for the Cardinal at this time. It is particularly important to my family, as my 5 sons (with a 6th on the way!) have been baptized in the Traditional Rite. Additionally, my 2 oldest sons have learned to serve the TLM, and have benefited immensely from doing so, especially my eldest, who is struggling with feelings of frustration and anger over losing the rite he has come to love so well. For myself, it is strange to think that I am likely the first man in my family in direct male descent in the past 500 years to not have learned to serve the TLM – but still thanking God that these sons learned to do so. I sincerely hope and pray that my younger sons will be allowed to learn to serve the rite that their grandfather, great-grandfather and ancestral patriarchs did.

May God’s will be done. There is power in the Blood, and without that, nothing.

As I read that I had the image of a Recusant man in the 1530’s England writing by candlelight.

The link he sent:  HERE   A quick bite:

Some parishioners held signs with phrases like “T.L.M. Please,” “Prayer, Not Politics,” and “Cardinal Gregory: The Lord Be With You, Please Let us Pray.” At the front was a small girl who insisted on waving a Sacred Heart banner larger than herself for the better part of the afternoon, undaunted by the rain. All of this was plainly visible to the cardinal and synod delegates inside.

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  1. kurtmasur says:

    There is no TLM “situation”. The Cardinal needs to understand that the TLM is going to happen with or without his approval. Ditto for Cupich, and other modernist prelates. The more them non-believing prelates push for protestant masses and pagan rituals, the more their “restrictions” on the TLM should be ignored.

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  3. David says:

    Alas, I have it on knowledgeable authority that while Cardinal Gregory is talking politely to those requesting some pastoral relief from Jorge Peron’s Satanic decree, he is making it clear that no DC parish will be permitted to retain the TLM. Time for the catacombs.

  4. Kathleen10 says:

    Let’s hope they do better than the 30 French mothers who walked 1000 miles to appeal directly to Francis that their priest sons be able to offer the Latin Rite Mass.
    Only one mother was admitted, and spoke to Francis for one minute.
    This is a church that “listens” only to what it already wants to hear. I won’t say more or I will immediately be lacking in charity and maybe decorum.

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