Daily Rome (not) Shot – 503 – bonus pics

As part of this first part of my Italian Sojourn, I am will a good sized group of pro-life activists with Heartbeat International. We’ve been based out of a couple stable places and making day trips to interesting attractions. Yesterday, we went to Parma, a region where the famous cheese Parmigiano-Reggiano is crafted, and then to a small producer of cured ham, precisely the fiocco and the culatta portions of the leg are taken, otherwise known as prosciutto.  It was both informative and delicious.

Heartbeat – among other activities – runs a nationwide network of doctors who can prescribe the abortion pill reversal protocol. Abortion Pill Rescue Network.  One thing that the pro-life movement faces now is the fact of the rise of chemical, pill abortions taken at home. Women change their minds and don’t know what to do. EVERYONE should know about the safe and effective way of reversing the abortion.  You should learn something about it so that you can tell others.  It’s a race now.

The second part of the Sojourn will begin in another week or so, when I will head south to Florence and then Rome for the month of June.

Back to cheese and ham.

Here is a whole prosciutto leg.   Next to it are the culatta and the fiocco, which are carved out of the larger leg and processed separately with different timing but the same technique.

The amazing baptistry of Parma.

They were getting ready for a confirmation in cathedral.  It was a nightmare of aural chaos as they “tuned up” the shriekers.   It was hard to spot anyone in those assembling who had the slightest respect for the place or the moment.  Really sad.

But… wow.  What a church.

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  1. A lovely city. I will be there for a week in July.

    The font in the baptistry is amazing. It was used for the mass baptisms of the Easter Vigil (Saturday afternoon, and by immersion) in the 1100s to 1300s—the four priests stood in the central well. Bishop then confirmed the babies and they made their first communion (wine alone) at the Vigil Mass in the cathedral. This was a near universal practice in central and north Italy. I wrote on this my book Cities of God.

    Let me try to add link to a photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/smbtravels/5006690652 Hope it works.

  2. Not says:

    My Son travels sometimes for his job. He, like you, sends us pictures of churches. We all cook in our family. We have dubbed your pictures and commentary, Faith and Food. Please keep them coming , food for our bodies and souls.

  3. Simon_GNR says:

    Blessed are the cheesemakers for they shall be called sons of God.

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