Rogation Days

Monday, tomorrow, is “Feria Secunda in Rogationibus“.

Rogation Days have for centuries been on the traditional Roman calendar for 25 April (Major Rogation Day) and the three days before Ascension THURSDAY (Minor).

“Rogation” comes from rogo “to ask”.

For the Major days, the Greater Litanies were recited and there could be a procession and prayers for blessings on crops. Remember, people didn’t divorce prayer from the things which were critical for survival.

The Minor days included the Lesser Litanies. Again, there are prayers and blessings for crops, given that it is spring (at least in the northern part of the globe). There would be the ceremony of the “beating of the bounds”. The procession would go around the boundaries of the property, singing litanies and prayers.

The traditional Roman calendar more thoroughly integrates the mysteries of the Lord’s life and turning of the Earth into the passing days of our lives.

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  2. Imrahil says:

    Speaking of that, I know that 25 April is “Major Rogation”, but I had assumedit is in practice identical to the Minor ones. Now, you say that then the “Great Litanies” are said rather than the lesser litanies. Sounds logical, but (I ask because I seriously don’t know): what are the Greater Litanies?

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