My View For Awhile: heading south… still

Still heading south, lingering in Florence.

Here is something instructive about the famous flood of the Arno.

A beautiful Mary and St. Filip Neri, my patron, near the street “dei Neri”, his family and where he grew up.

See that white plaque to the right?  That marks the height that the water of the Arno reached on that wall.


Meanwhile in the square in front of the famous Signoria…

A plaque in honor of Savanarola, burned here.

Donatello’s Judith.  Why is she here?   Some say, because she was a “freedom fighter”, it was a celebration of the expulsion of the Medici.  Others take it as a Florentine middle-finger towards Rome and the papacy at the time it was made.

I posted one in Milan a couple weeks back.  So… here.

Pappardelle with rabbit, lardo, and lemon.

Heading home.  In the square they are setting up for the Florentine medieval football.  Heh.

And for my tired eyes at the end of the day.  I can get this here in Italy, but I thank and bless the readers who have sent this to me in the States from my wish list.  You just don’t know!


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  1. Julia_Augusta says:

    Did you see the Fra Angelico murals in Santa Maria Novella?

  2. Kathleen10 says:

    I’m with Judith on both counts. Nice photos Fr. Z. What sights to see.
    Happy and safe travels.

  3. pcg says:

    Can’t help but think what Savonarola would think of the new cardinals…and the state of the Church, papacy…enjoying the virtual trip through Italy-thanks Father.

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