My View For Awhile: heading south slowly

The journey continues although southern progress has been arrested.

Neptune doesn’t approve of the consistory list. At all.

For lunch, pig sandwich.

Yum. Also all around Florence there are small holes in the wall – literally – through which people could get beverages and bottles. There was a tax dodge motive. They eventually went out of use but now many are opened again.

Santa Croce

Dante does not approve of the list of cardinals. No sir!

Speaking of the baptistery doors.

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  1. When you sent that very last picture, my first thought was, “Wow!!”
    My second thought was, “are those FSSP shields on the corners”? On the corner pillars, right below where the arch begins, there are those dark blue shields with gold cross bars. I say, just add the little key tips and a few droplets and BAM! FSSP

    That stained glass, though, is quite remarkable. As far as I can tell… and I’ve never been to Italy, so what can I say?… it seems that good ol’ Gothic stained glass is relatively rare in that land of frescoes. Those windows, with the large depictions of saints and the micro-architecture framing them, look like they could be from a French or German school of art.

  2. Dave P. says:

    I’ve always loved the crucifix at Santa Croce…

  3. Grant M says:

    “Neptune doesn’t approve of the consistory list. At all.”

    Neptune: “Quos ego-!”

  4. LoriAnnD says:

    Porchetteria?! I think that might be the best place this side of heaven!

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