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I’ve been updating the “Day in Rome” project.  Thanks to the donors!

Also, I learned that Wyoming Catholic College is looking for a chaplain. HERE

In Chess News… 50 years ago today in Reykjavik, It was challenger Fischer v. Spassky in Game 8 for the World Championship. Spassky played unevenly, with a 19th move blunder of a pawn. Spassky resigned and Fischer was ahead 5-3.

There had been bitter arguing about filming rights, perhaps ABC taking over from a guy named Chester Fox. Fischer wanted full authorization and the Icelandic Chess Federation got tough. Before Game 8 Fox announced that ABC was going to film in the hall. Fischer heard about it on the radio and flipped out, with the result that ABC pulled out. Also, before Game 8 Fischer had demanded that they should go back to using the stone board they had used before, with the except of the wood board they used when he complained about the stone board. He also asked that new boards be made from wood so he could choose from them. Ten more wooden boards were made. However, Spassky’s team finally dug in their heals and said “Nyet!” to the changes to the board.

There’s a back story, too.

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  1. ProfessorCover says:

    We are fortunate that WCC is not in the Archdiocese of Chicago. If it were, the chaplain’s job might be described radically differently.

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