Day 1-2: Oglebay Conference for Priests

I’m attended the St Paul Center for Biblical Theology’s conference for priests in WV. This is a great annual event and I look forward to it. This year the theme is “Be Strong And Courageous”. Also, we are focusing on the Gospel of Luke and Acts. The two fit beautifully together because of the theme of God’s covenants with, first, Abram (Gen 15), Abraham (Gen 17) and Abraham’s seed (Gen 22).

Priests can sign up to watch videos of these talks!

They always have a great bookshop. Very tempting.

Can’t help but include this.

Over 230 priests from 85 dioceses.  It is a big crowd.  Many first timers.

Not everything is about Luke or Abraham, though much ties back.  The Faith is a whole, everything interrelated.

The sound of a couple hundred priests sing a verse of the hymn for “evening prayer” (Novus Ordo).

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  1. VForr says:

    A curious mind wants to know: Are you going to play chess on that life-sized board?

  2. Kathleen10 says:

    The priests should know they sound excellent. God bless them all.
    That chess game looks so fun! It must be pretty hilarious to play it.

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