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Fifty years ago today, in Reykjavík, Game 16 took place between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky. Fischer brought the Ruy Lopez to the board. They played to a draw by move 34. However, Spassky prolonged the game to move 60 as psychological torture. It ended in the inevitable draw.  Fischer is winning in the match, of course.

Did you know that the common opening called the Ruy Lopez, aka The Spanish Game, is named after a priest? Ruy López de Segura (+1580 at only 50 years old). In Rome, for dealings with Pius IV (Medici), he learned to play chess. “When in Rome…”. He apparently read Damiano da Odemira’s book about chess and, being unimpressed, penned his own. Later, my favorite chess guys, the Modenese Masters, including Fr. Ponziani, thought rather little of his writings. However, in his time, López beat everyone alive. You can see some of his games HERE.

In any event, you might say a “Hail, Mary” for the repose of the soul of Fr. Ruy López de Segura.  Priests need prayers, living and dead. I hope you will pray for me, living and dead.

There’s a back story, too.

Back story HERE. It’s about you.

Here’s a painting by Luigi Mussini of the Spanish Court and Fr. Ruy López de Segura playing chess.

The dogs have been shown the consistory list by their cruel mistress and her conniving maid.

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Finally, in honor of the long lost Semper Gumby, there’s THIS.

Which leads to this.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Father, I’m glad you mention Semper Gumby, about whom I asked a while back. I miss the comments and hope he is alright and will resurface.

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