VIDEO – A message from Card. Burke to the readership of Fr. Z’s Blog

Card. Burke was very kind in making this video. Remember him in your prayers.

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  1. teomatteo says:

    Helpful. Yes. Thank you.

  2. acardnal says:

    Very nice. Thanks for posting this.

  3. Not says:

    Thank you Cardinal Burke. I pray the Holy Ghost inspires all of the College of Cardinals in the next Conclave. ( no cellphones allowed). Keep up the good fight, we all depend on you.

  4. VForr says:

    Wow! What a lovely surprise. Continued prayers for Cardinal Burke.

  5. Lurker 59 says:

    Thank you for bringing this to us. May the Lord grant his Eminence fortitude and long life.

  6. Rev. Paul L. Vasquez says:

    What a great guy. Glad he’s better.

  7. rhig090v says:

    God bless His Eminence. Thanks for the encouragement

  8. WVC says:

    God bless Cardinal Burke.

  9. Diane says:

    God Bless You Cardinal Burke, and thank you for your message. Continuing to pray for you and our church.

  10. Fr. Kelly says:

    God bless Cardinal Burke.

  11. Vir Qui Timet Dominum says:

    What a pleasant surprise! Many prayers for the good cardinal.

  12. Antonia D says:

    Wow! That was so kind and inspiring…like having a bishop who’s a true father to us. Thank you, Cardinal Burke, for your kindness here and for all you’ve done for our Church!

  13. Ms. M-S says:

    Thanks, Cardinal Burke, for this consolation. Thanks, Father Z, for kindly posting it. It’s a blessing to live in an age of faith, where the Church is supported and celebrated. It’s a privilege as well to live in an age of disorder, where the Church is attacked from within and without, at least as long as we remain members and defenders.

  14. Amazing how simple words of thanksgiving and encouragement can lift the veil of darkness, if only for a short time and invigorate one to turn back to the line of battle.

    God bless +Burke. If we’re suffering…pretty sure he’s joined with us in the fight.

  15. Sandy says:

    Mother Mary protect him! I agree with Antonia above, it feels like a true father speaking to us. It reminds me of my childhood when my beloved father would comfort me.

  16. ajf1984 says:

    May God continue to bless this faithful servant of His, a gentle and humble son of the Church (and of Wisconsin!). What a wonderful surprise to view his greetings; definitely a ray of hope to remind us to take courage and not to give in to despair no matter how dark the day may seem.

  17. Michael Haz says:

    Deo Gratias! I’m on my way right now to La Crosse to attend the Pontifical High Mass tomorrow morning at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Looking forward to seeing Cardinal Burke, et. al. in this most beautiful and holy Mass.

  18. seashoreknits says:

    How wonderful to see this video today on the feast of St John Vianney.
    What a true shephard is Card. Burke.
    May God bless him

  19. MaterDeicolumbae says:

    Muchas gracias, your Eminence y vaya con Dios

  20. moconnor says:

    Thank you, your eminence, for this kind greeting. Your work on behalf of tradition is so appreciated. God bless you ad multos annos.

  21. TonyO says:

    Thank you, Card. Burke, for those words of consolation in trials and tribulations. We are indeed suffering much during this period, but these sufferings are not to be compared with the glories to come.

  22. MariaVidiaquam says:

    Thank you to Cardinal Burke and Fr. Z. for posting this video from the Cardinal.

    It was a blessing to have attended the Latin Mass in Washington at the time of the March for Life 2020.  Thank you to Cardinal Burke.

    Godly things have happened.  And a victory over the serpent.

    I’ve learned the basic Latin Rosary and was very glad to now have discovered Cardinal Burke’s Latin Rosary videos.

    Every day I read through some of the prayers of the English of the Old Rite for The Blessing of Holy Water (Rituale Romanum) by reading the One Peter Five article, “Holy Water in the Time of Coronavirus:  Old and New Compared.”

    And now I have just found I can listen to the Latin of the Old Rite for The Blessing of Holy Water (for demons/disease/terror of snakes).  I can follow along with the book online at

    In those prayers, the one thing I wondered about was: who would have, or what was, “the terror of the poisonous serpent”?  Even for foreign communities that have dangerous snakes, the wording sounded unusually strong.

    Now I know that the Latin of the Old Rite Blessing of Holy Water contains the word “venenosi” instead of the word that I was reading in the English — “poisonous.”  In the Latin, instead it is “terrorque venenosi serpentis.”  I suddenly realized exactly what was referenced.  It seems the wording is perfect in the Holy Spirit.

    For your Discernment:  There has been extensive research on Venoms related to COVID-19.

    It would appear that, in Holy Water, God has granted you in ministry a truly unique gift and its attendant sacrifices.

    Apologizing for the length …

  23. Closettraddy says:

    We are STARVING! Our children are leaving the faith in droves! Only courageous clergy can do anything for us. We laypeople are powerless except in our ability to pray, donate, and attend. The good cardinal’s words are nice and nice words are always pleasant but it reminds me too much of James 2:16.

  24. summorumpontificum777 says:

    God granted the Church a great gift in sparing the life of Cardinal Burke. His faithfulness and orthodoxy make him one of the few bulwarks against the disorientation and apostasy that is currently gripping the highest levels of the hierarchy. God willing, Burke will be a force not only in the battle against doctrinal innovation manufactured by the so-called synods but also a strong voice for the return to clarity (and sanity) at the next papal conclave.

  25. donato2 says:

    Thank you Cardinal Burke! Yes, much suffering, but also much joy! The indestructible truth of Christ is all the more resplendent and beautiful when contrasted with falsehood, which is ugly and destined to crumble into dust.

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  27. Rod Halvorsen says:

    I’m nothing but a simple man and a convert and I find this appalling.

    This guy promised to “correct the Pope”.

    That was YEARS ago.

    Everything he said is true and known by any Christian.

    At this point I wouldn’t trust a Catholic prelate to walk my dog.

  28. TonyO says:

    This guy promised to “correct the Pope”.

    I too had high hopes that Cardinal Burke would be able to “correct the pope” in some way forcing Francis to alter course. But: it cannot be – the pope is not obliged to submit his decisions to individual cardinals or bishops. It’s not that Burke would not do it, it’s that he could not do it. (I also half suspect that Francis gave Burke a point blank order to be silent on the subject of Amoris Laetitia, and Burke was bound to obey. The pope could give such an order: cardinals are subject to his authority in odd ways.)

  29. supercooper says:

    I would spend every last penny I’ve got to name to get Cardinal Burke to do an in-person podcast with Ann Barnhardt.

  30. supercooper says:

    Thank you, Father.

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