You thick-headed restorationists, you backwardist, dogma-refrigerating Neopelagians… there is only one unique expression of the Roman Rite! VIDEO

You thick-headed restorationists, you backwardist, dogma-refrigerating Neopelagians… there is only one unique expression of the Roman Rite!

This is how you did it – uniquely – at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Parish in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee on the 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 7 August 2022 – 8:00 AM.

St. Catherine of Alexandria and St. Joan of Arc… it’s a cluster.

Highlights of their “Cluster Mass” … but just click anywhere for a unique experience of the Roman Rite.

3:28 opening
20:00 sermon
41:00 offertory
45:00 consecration
49:50 doxology
53:45 instruction before communion
1:09:00 – Had enough?

Remember, the Traditional Mass must be suppressed because… you know, SHUT UP!

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  1. B says:

    Heretics still exist. So do Hippies.

  2. Is there a place that you can buy blessed Liturgical Eye Bleach? Ran out of it a few weeks ago…

  3. Konrad says:

    This sort of mass will die with the old guys. You won’t find the youth there. They go where real worship can be found. Even the new mass is celebrated with dignity where the young people worship (at least in my diocese of Regensburg/Germany). I do prefer the older form, but hey, it’s not impossible to celebrate the NOM in a reverent way.

  4. sjoseph371 says:

    Wow – I am probably the last one to judge when it comes to carrying a tune, but holy cow – irreverent music aside, just the lack of tune made me want to turn it off immediately! Again, I stink at singing, but I thought priests had to get some modicum of instruction in that matter.
    Another thing I noticed, being an NO attendee myself in addition to the TLM, was the blathe way the priest held up the Eucharist as if he was waving a book in the air. At the NO that I attend, our priest takes special reverent care as he raises the Eucharist up and purposefully holds the Eucharist up in reverent silence to punctuate the importance of Jesus that he is holding up at that time.
    Also, I know it is a small detail, but the tres modern decor of the church with its clear window with the scenic view of the avenue behind it was kind of distracting to say the least – about as inspiring as having it in an office setting.
    Fr. Z. please put a content warning up before you post these things!!

  5. aptak says:

    Perhaps the problem is that priests of a certain generation feel that they do not need to adhere to the GIRM, and that they can simply improvise their way through. This Mass was all about HIM. The TLM has the built in safety feature where one cannot harm oneself or others.

  6. InFormationDiakonia says:

    I only made it through part of this and then my stomach was turning. This is EVERYTHING that is wrong with the NO.

    A question – legitimately….was he a bishop? I thought I saw a crozier at the very start of the shenanigans. Maybe I missed something or I am poorly educated.

  7. majuscule says:

    I didn’t get what was going on with the chalice. They were supposed to reverence it only?

    At my parish the priest is still the only one to receive from the chalice. It does not leave the altar. And no Extraordinary Ministers of a Holy Communion at all. I hope they never come back!

    On the bright side…it looks like it might be taken care of by the biological sol…oh SHUT UP!

  8. Vincent1967 says:

    Dear Father, many thanks for this!
    My own life – like many I think – is fraught these days because of so many hurts and pains, but please know that what you do keeps me going. I love the point you have made – more than once – that God has called us to be alive now and not some other time, and in spite of, and to confront, terrible things. It’s comforting, although a challenge!
    Although I find it hard to practise now – but managing to hang on – I know that God has created me to give Him some definite service NOW. And you are no small part in knowing that.
    Thank you.

  9. Dave P. says:

    The pastor is a leftover from the 70s, still hanging on. I’m not sure why he’s using a crosier as a walking stick.

    “Cluster” simply means that autonomous parishes have the same clergy and staff. Abp. Listecki does not like to close and/or merge parishes unless absolutely necessary.

    I can also tell you that there are neighboring parishes with younger priests and saner liturgies.

  10. Archlaic says:

    Provocations like this are divisive, we are looking for unity here… unity, UNITY, UNITY! Why can’t you just get with the program, man? It is very divisive of you – uninclusive too – to want everyone to say the same prayers and practice the same rituals, and especially to pray in the same language! How are they ever to express their true identity as the People of God unless they can let the spirit move them, each in their own way, each in his (or her – or their or its or latinx or hiss or thems or whatever) own tongue? “Una Voce”, huh? We know what that means and we’re having none of it! Get with the Synod, man! If you ain’t Synodal, you ain’t Church!

    oops, gotta go… time to take my meds!

  11. mereamur says:

    My goodness, you’d think the bishop of the place would at least be self-important enough to tell him to stop using a crozier.

  12. johnwmstevens says:

    What the heck is this!? I admit, this boggled me.

    atak’s comment did, however, give me another take on this: “The TLM has the built in safety feature where one cannot harm oneself or others.”

    Um . . . yeah. Never thought of it that way before, but it kind of does. Good point!

  13. Lurker 59 says:

    I have a friend who knows this parish.

    This is not a small parish of gray hairs. It is fairly large, new construction, and has its own school. Lots of youth. It is on the west side of the Archdiocese and in a rural area. The surrounding communities have strikingly more traditional parishes. Many of the rural parishes there are clusters. St. JoA is the primary parish for this cluster.

    What I am trying to say is that “the biological solution” doesn’t solve this parish – it has got a support base both money-wise and growth-wise. It has been this way before Archbishop Dolan.

    If you want a better look at this parish, take a gander at the Easter service (be warned).

    This though is the Archdiocese of Milwaukee for you — it is really all over the place in terms of its Catholicity and St. JoA is not as atypical as it should be.

  14. APX says:

    That piano is in need of a tuning. This is an excellent example of how not to do music ministry. It’s just so terrible.

  15. APX says:

    Didn’t even use the new corrected translation for consecrating the Precious Blood.

    This is just so terrible. Is this a bishop? He has a crozier but no miter, no zucchetto, and no apparent bishops ring. I’m confused.

    Are we sure this is Catholic? They didn’t even sing the Sanctus. They sang something else that looked like it could have been from a Richard Simon’s Sweatin’ to the Oldies video. They also didn’t refer to this as “Mass” but rather “worship”. Ooh, used gender neutral language for God.

    I haven’t seen something this terrible since the giant puppets video. At Five funerals a week, this isn’t going to last forever.

  16. Kathleen10 says:

    A second, to what Vincent said. You provide a level of continuity now lacking out here in the world, Fr. Z. You’ve got a great big digital flock relying on your perspective and teaching. Nothing like a little pressure.

  17. Sportsfan says:

    On under the word “cluster” there is a link to that video.

  18. cstei says:

    Why is he using a crozier???

  19. Bosco says:

    The Diocese of Milwaukee? Wasn’t that Rembert Weakland’s preserve?

  20. Orual says:

    That was awful! There are so many things wrong here that it didn’t even look like a NO Mass. I noticed the younger couple on the right side of the screen looked uncomfortable throughout most of this debacle.

  21. maternalView says:

    Bulletins &websites can reveal a lot about a parish. These 2 combined parishes have a combined shortfall of $20,000 ytd. I don’t know if that’s significant. They also had a blurb about following the science on climate change.
    The St. Catherine half of the cluster states it’s parish mission as “We are a Roman Catholic Community that strives to live in the light and example of Pope Francis I, committed to showing unconditional love to all who are seeking a place to belong. ?The doors are open to all.”
    St. Joan of Arc’s mission “We are called by God to: Teach His truth, His word. Celebrate in worship. Share our God-given talents with others through the service to the wider community young and old. We gather together in the light to love and serve God and one another.”

    I prefer a mission of “say the black, do the red. Save souls.” The end.

  22. TheCavalierHatherly says:

    Two things:
    1) Is “dogma-refrigeration” something Francis actually said, or is that just a clever impersonation?
    2) Would a dogma refrigerator be used for cooling dogmas and keeping them fresh (like the traditional liturgical practices of the Church), or does it cool by utilizing the the refreshing powers that are inherent in dogmas? (Like the refreshing feeling of reading St Thomas)

  23. Irish Timothy says:

    Ok. Ummmmm…….ok.

    What did I just partially watch?

    Unreal. God please have mercy on us.

  24. monstrance says:

    There are other uses of the word “cluster” that could easily apply here.

  25. The Vicar says:

    That priest is masterfully catechized in post conciliar theology.

    All the Vatican II touches are there:

    Use of the Eucharistic Prayer for special needs, defiance of convention and the partial covering of the altar, his liberal use of commentary which Sacrosancturm Concilium authorizes.

    The celebrant’s obliviousness to the Mass intentions, a la Bugnini.

    We could go further. The 1,500 dollar Slabbinck Rainbow Chasuble ( de rigeur in Belgium), the harpsichord-keyboard which sounded like something from a circus.

    The studied drama of the lectors.

    The glass windows.

    Finally, no mention of suffering in the homily. The Kingdom of God is here. Just go look for it, and waive your hands around like a windmill.

    Yep. They nailed it.

  26. bluejaybooks says:

    Does someone have the time, and good knowledge of the GIRM, to go through this video, and make note of everything illicit? Put it all in a respectful letter, with timestamps of each violation, and a citation from the GIRM for each one, and send it to Archbishop Listecki?

    Maybe he doesn’t know what is happening here, and would do something about it if someone alerted him.

  27. bluejaybooks says:

    Also, if you brought this to the Archbishop, and he did nothing, what would be the next step? Do you then bring it to the Apostolic Nunciature, who would then contact the Pope?

  28. Lurker 59 says:

    @maternalView –“combined shortfall of $20,000 ytd”

    That is nothing. The shortfall is likely largely from St. Catherine. My friend says that that area of WI has some deep pockets and is just the normal summer shortfall. The Archdiocese in the late spring did this Love One and Other campaign, where their parish (neighboring St.JoA) was “assessed” 2 point some million dollars. Easily met. St.JoA would be less but not that much less.

  29. Lurker 59 says:

    I was talking with my friend —

    “In the video of the live stream, you will notice that the hosts are distributed in bread baskets covered with folded cloth as if, when opened, you would expect to find piping hot rolls. That is because of this

    Make sure to take a gander at the”prayer”. I went to this parish once for the Feast of the Assumption. They had the students functioning as “Eucharistic Ministers” (sic) with hosts contained in baggies* in those bread baskets. Those may have been “spare hosts” with loose hosts on top as I was pretty far to the back, but the one given to me defiantly came out of a baggy. That was seven years ago, so they may have stopped doing that.”

    *My mind says they were clear Ziploc but I was so shocked that they might have been in reality cloth baggies like the kind one puts money in to take to a bank.

    I am sure that if someone has the stomach to do it, they can scrub through the videos and see if that is still happening, the camera angle is high enough.

  30. APX says:

    There are other uses of the word “cluster” that could easily apply here.

    I’m developing a cluster migraine from this.

  31. rtjleblanc says:

    Is that a Tommy Hilfiger Chasuble?

  32. Dave P. says:

    The Vicar and rtjleblanc :

    The chasuble and dalmatic are from Gaspard’s, a local vestment manufacturer. They have a “mixed-bag” inventory -odd ones like what Fr. Strachota and the deacon are wearing, but also decent selections.

  33. maternalView says:

    Thanks, Lurker 59. That amount would be significant for some parishes.

    I am familiar with some parishes that are basically run by the wealthy parishioners who I assume like the nonsense that goes on at their parishes. Sounds like this “cluster” is the same.

    It’s interesting how a wild, liberal parish with money can get a pass but a traditional parish with money often doesn’t.

  34. MaterDeicolumbae says:

    Where is the Tabernacle?
    After receiving Holy Communion, The People were bowing at something to the right of the screen; is that where the Tabernacle is?
    My heart always sinks when I enter a church and the Tabernacle is off to the side or hidden in a room away from The People’s line of sight…
    I visit Jesus to console Him in those misplaced Tabernacles.
    Let us join our sufferings, re disrespectful Masses, with our Lord’s and Our Lady of Sorrows sufferings.

  35. sarto2010 says:

    Is the old, doddery fellow a bishop? Is that a crozier? I think we should be told!
    ©? Private Eye

  36. Lurker 59 says:


    I took some time to look over the budget in the bulletin. I was wrong, St.JoA is the one that is dominating a shortfall budget for the summer months. The cluster appears to be 2/3s the summer offering of a neighboring parish. In terms of the shortfall, St.JoA went from (47k) on May 22 to (13k) on Aug 7th, so quite an improvement.

    I don’t want to defend St.JoA but it would be a wrong idea to see it as a “wild liberal parish”. From talking with my friend, it is not good but (sadly) rather typical in content for your liberal rural Catholic WI parish. There is stuff in Milwaukee that is much more radical and heterodox but perhaps not as liturgically goofy.

    That is the problem: Friday fish fry felt banner cultural Catholicism is sort of deeply entrenched.

  37. APX says:

    I noticed on their web site that reconciliation is only available by appointment. I think that about sums up everything.

  38. The business with the Precious Blood simply boggles the mind.

    The irony — if that’s the right word — is that this innovation is even more appalling to a “progressive” liturgist, as the progressives will say that the Eucharist is given to be consumed, not adored. I’m not saying I agree with that, but certainly at this point of the Mass, it is bizarre to say, do NOT take the Precious Blood, stay away!

    At some point, you have to wonder if you aren’t witnessing a kind of rapid dissolution. What we witnessed in that video suggests that, if the “progression”/regresssion we observe here continues, unabated, it ends in nothingness. If you gradually disentangle this or that element of the liturgy — and this would be true of anything with a distinct form or shape — then at some point, the words of consecration are no longer present, or the essential elements are left out. If you’re going to consecrate the Precious Blood only so people can bow to the chalice, why not just “consecrate” empty chalices? How about embossed cardboard cutouts of chalices?

    If the actual rituals and actions and tasks of the liturgy keep being re-arranged, re-interpreted, and overlaid with added commentaries and interjections and oh-while-I-have-you-here announcements and projects, at what point does something simply get left out entirely? I can imagine, sometime in the future, the penitential rite is entirely unrecognizable as such, maybe some version of the Gloria is the entrance hymn, readings of Scripture give way to commentary and “movement” — perhaps involving “sacred sticks” or bowls or who knows what. The Creed gives way to personal affirmations or commentary…why, we might reach the end, and someone looks over and sees a (very expensive crystal) bowl of bread and a container of wine on a side table and says, “were we supposed to do something with these?”

  39. Mike says:

    It’s a little like my first parish in Maryland in 1988, but worse.

  40. choirlady says:

    It looked like Grand Central Station with people scurrying around the altar. The music was horrible lead by old leftover hippy priests from the ‘60’s. The altar boys looked sloppy with no reverence displayed. They have no guidance. Just put the wine on the altar as if you’re at a corner bar. Disgraceful. I thank God for my traditional parish.

  41. Hb says:

    I am speechless. Beyond words…..

  42. Concerned_Catholic says:

    I’m afraid that’s not a celebration of the Most August Sacrifice of the Holy Mass. It’s the Father Strachota Sunday Morning Show.

    Our parish doesn’t celebrate Mass like that. So is it my parish or this one that is not supporting the Church’s Unity by using the unique expression of the Roman Rite?

    NO = Not Overhere!

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