Another Novus Ordo “unique expression”, again in Italy

I was alerted by a friend about a Tweet about the “unique expression” of the Roman Rite, the Novus Ordo.

Meet don (Father) Fabio Corazzina, a parish priest (parroco) in Brescia… where the promulgator of the Novus Ordo came from… where the guy about whom Francis said, “Who am I to judge?” came from.

Watch as this jackass, apparently in Lampedusa in Sicily, wearing cycling gear and a pro-sodomy stole makes a joke, when presumably validly consecrated Hosts are blown off the … whatever it is he is using as a flat surface on a bicycle, fly off in a breeze.  “Jesus is flying!”

Someone might counter, “B-b-but, HEY!   A priest could do that to the TLM!  YOU HATE VATICAN II!”

Uh huh.  Just think about the likelihood of that that for a moment.

A LifeSite article about the incident says that this priest said in a 2016 TV interview, “I, a parish priest who wants to marry gays.”  HERE

UPDATE: Messa in Latino has more…. not for the squeamish.  HERE

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  2. Chaswjd says:

    Evidently, progress is being made on an Amazonian Rite which would parallel the Zairian Rite. Evidently the Missal of St. Paul VI is not quite the unique expression of the Latin Rite.

  3. Brian64 says:

    My immediate reaction is to defrock this priest. I think it is obvious he has no supernatural faith. Perhaps there is a better response (more pastoral, accompanying), one that takes into consideration that he could be set back on the correct path. Can liberal tigers ever change their stripes? Is there an equivalent to the Saint Luke Institute in Italy?

  4. khouri says:

    Obviously, freakdom has a place in Italy as well as the Americas. Maybe a good kick in the rear end could send Father “flying” too.

  5. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Italian cyclists have a lot of devotion to Our Lady of the Bicycle and other bicycle roadside shrines. There’s a whole history, including the pro cyclist who relied on God to keep him safe, while he delivered fake papers hidden inside his bike frame, to save Jews and Allied soldiers on the run.

    So this priest clearly has no idea what the faithful want. They want reverence, and he’s not giving it to them.

  6. Benedict Joseph says:

    You have to ask what possesses a individual to chose a way of life which is in direct contradiction of their personal beliefs. Why would an individual who does not hold precious each facet of the perennial Magisterium [each facet exists in relation to the others] chose the life of priest which is characterized by self-denial for the love of God in Jesus Christ.
    It bespeaks a seriously unbalanced person who requires a new path with therapeutic assistance. He is a risk to himself and to others. Where is the oversight?

  7. Front Pew View says:

    Liturgical deviants always have a stole. They will dispense with everything else, vestments or otherwise, but they always seem to want the authority a stole represents…

  8. Josephus Muris Saliensis says:

    You will forgive me responding without having actually watched the video. I do not wish to sully my eyes. You description is adequate.

    It is actually quite hard to believe that this is a valid Mass, and that thus indeed it is truly “Jesus” who is flying. This is so far removed from a priestly intention to do what Holy Mother Church does, way beyond mere carelessness, it must fail to be a Mass, regardless of the words spoken. This is a wilful act to do something else, perhaps in some ironic simulation of a Sacrament (though the simulation is seemingly to poor is it even that?), but the intention is surely lacking.

    If I as a layman dress up and say Mass, however beautifully, it is grave sin of simulation, but not against the Eucharist.

    Thus one is left wondering what is the true nature of the error of this man whose very externals deny any faith in his priesthood as the Church sees it.

  9. Son of Saint Alphonsus says:

    Front Pew: one of my confrères never wears a stole under (or over) the chasuble. Why? Because no one sees it so why bother? Then there are the ones that vest in only a stole like this guy. ????? Maybe it’s to cut fabric costs?

  10. robtbrown says:

    Joseph Muris Saliensis,

    Although I agree that the mass in the video is disgusting, it doesn’t follow that it is invalid.

    What if the priest is simply doing something that he thinks is allowed (or praised) by what he learned seminary?

    What if he was taught at seminary that Transsignification or Transfinalization explains the Eucharist?

    I don’t see anything to indicate the celebrant is lacking minimal intention. Lacking minimal knowledge, yes, but that does not negate minimal intention.
    Many enter seminary now without any previous liturgical or doctrinal formation. They leave seminary having been poorly formed and not really inclined

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