Catholic Military Assoc of Our Lady of Victories app called “Military Connect”

I received this email…

By way of a quick update (and perhaps you would be good enough to mention this on the blog), The Catholic Military Assoc of Our Lady of Victories has now gone live with an app called “Military Connect” developed by the Apostolat Militaire International and Tweeting with GOD in conjunction with members of the AMI including the CMA, is LIVE.

The app has been endorsed by the Holy See, with a message from Pope Francis via Secretary of State H.E. Cardinal Parolin stating that he hopes it will help to “make the situations in which military personnel are involved more human and Christian”.

The free app is currently available in both the Google Play and App stores, for smartphones and tablets, in 8 languages (English, Italian, French, Spanish, Croatian, German, Portuguese and Dutch).

The App offers:

Strong Catholic prayers
Answers to 200+ questions about faith and being a military Catholic
Prayers specifically for the military
Testimonies from serving Catholics
Inspiring military Saints and quotes
Guidance for preparing for Mass and Confession
Spiritual first aid
Users from member countries can contact a Military Chaplain and their Associations directly from the app
The facility to upload spiritual reading
Downloaded content so that it can be accessed on deployment etc

With our prayers and best wishes from the CMA

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  1. Paul says:

    Father Z.
    Sorry it is Friday afternoon for me but since you posted that it is has been endorsed by the Holy See, I am kind of hesitant to load the App.
    I pray four your direction.
    God Bless you for all you do.

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