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I had some bad news today.  I had a service come to check my house’s AC system.  It is original to the house and it is on its last legs.  I paid for some immediate attention to keep it going, but I am going to have to replace it.  I’m going to need help, because I have to deal with the roof and some other things.  Pardon me in advance for another fundraiser in the near future.  Being canceled is not fun.

Speaking of houses… Real Estate for Life can get you in touch with an agent who will contribute a portion of the fees to a pro-life cause.


Thank to TonyB and Adam who chimed in yesterday.  I have posted a response THERE.

But here, BLACK to move and start a chain of moves.  Things are looking bad for black, material wise.  Hence, black better force moves with the right checks, not just any checks.  The first one isn’t so hard to find, but after that, don’t put your foot wrong for mate in 4.


I just sat down for a lunch.  Really.  I sat down instead of standing by the kitchen sink with a sandwich.  Instead, I made a Friday appropriate tuna melt.  I also broke stride and, for the first time in a long time turned on the TV for live news and, for the first time in many moons, FNC.  I saw something interesting.

I entered in the middle of live coverage of a White House presser, in which the spox, a woman named hyphened something or other French looking was aggressively dodging a question from the Fox correspondent about how Florida shipped illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard.  The spox used chess imagery: how dare those republicans used children as pawns.

Cutting away from the presser, they went to coverage of the story of shipping illegals to Martha’s Vineyard, where there was video of a Massachusetts state senatrix talking about how Gov. Santis used children as pawns.

Coincidence?  I think not.  It was perfect example of distribution of and coordination of talking points.

I also saw something about the inflation rate.  Believe me. We know about it.  I sure do.

And… the tuna melt (mayo, celery, onion, a couple dashes of hot sauce and Genova Tuna in Olive Oil, on toasted rye with havarti).



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  1. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Martha’s Vineyard is at the tail end of the summer season, and a lot of houses and hotels will soon be shut up for the winter. Governor DeSantis sent, what, 50 or 100 people up there?

    Of course there’s enough housing for them. Might need winterproofing, but it must have some or those summer hotels would all blow away. And the governor considerately gave them enough lead time to get in extra food. School probably hasn’t started yet, or it’s only been open for a week or a month. So there’s plenty of time to catch up.

    Elections are coming up, of course. What a shame.

    All that said, I’m sure the churches (however liberal) are doing the lion’s share of the work of temporarily settling the illegals, and the politicians are doing most of the complaining and going on TV.

  2. OzReader says:

    I’d encourage getting a second opinion on that A/C if you don’t know the contractor too well. There are plenty of folks who’d rather sell a new system than make the incidental repairs necessary to keep an old warrior alive.

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