Daily Rome Shot 575, etc.

It seems that Magnus Magnus has made a statement.

He’s a puzzle.

And here’s a puzzle.

Black to play.

Interested in learning?  Try THIS.

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  1. Adam Piggott says:

    I like Q-b6.
    Pawn takes the queen but then the knight moves in and it’s check and the white queen is taken.
    You can then set the other knight loose and take the bishop after white moves the rook.

  2. Paul says:

    Knight to G3

  3. frdanbecker says:

    …. Qh5!

  4. Uniaux says:

    1. Ng3 check, pawn from h2->g3
    2. Qh5 check, Nh4
    3. Qh4 checkmate.

    I clearly need to study up on notation.

  5. Neal says:

    1. …Ng3
    2. hxg3 Qh5+
    3. Nh4 Qxe2

  6. Kathleen10 says:

    I know nothing about chess, but could someone explain how at this level anyone could cheat? How can that be with all the eyes that must be on that board. I don’t get it. I imagine matches are recorded. Wouldn’t analysis show cheating beyond the shadow of a doubt?

  7. Neal says:

    Uniaux: the pawn on g3 takes the queen in you try that, no?

  8. Here’s how I did it with forced moves.

    1 … Ng3+
    2 hxN Qh5+
    3 Nh2 QxQ

    If 3Nh4 the same thing results: white’s queen is toast.

  9. Uniaux says:

    Neal: You’re absolutely right about that; I completely forgot that that pawn was there.

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