ROME 22/10 – Day 26: Jeepers Creepers

At 7:32 the Roman sun broke the horizon, which it will reacquire at 18:16. The Ave Maria should still ring out at 18:30. It is the Feast of St. Quadragesimus, sub-deacon, who raised a dead man to life. It is also the Feast of Pope St. Evaristus.  He was Pope at the time of the Emperor Trajan, whose repurposed column we saw yesterday.

I’m going out on a limb, but I think we will not see an Evaristus II.

On the way to church in the morning.  O Lord, thank you for this day.

Today is the anniversary of this inscription forbidden dumping at this location.    Here’s a truly Roman corner, with a “rione” sign as you cross into the Ponte neighborhood from my Regola.  Note also the flowing “nasone”.

There’s a lot of Rome in this photo.

In case you are wondering, 1741.

Punishment for leaving trash around could amount to high fines and/or public corporal punishment.  I’m all for bringing back both, especially for graffiti.

Yesterday there was a partial eclipse of the sun, but the phone camera couldn’t handle it at max.

You don’t want to look at these blocked or partially solar phenomena the wrong way or you might wind up needing help from St. Lucy.  Jeepers creepers!

This putto saw the consistory list and gave a partially blocked opinion.   He’s even making off with one of the hats.

I picked up and paid for my restored backwardist chalice from the shop where it was originally made.  The gold is now a little yellower and some grooves were made in the settings of the garnets on the node to allow more light to color the stones.  The smith hasn’t made anything like this for a long time and won’t again.

Clean gold with very high percentage alcohol.

Before I use it again I need a cardinal or bishop who will consecrate it using the older rite.

While I was at the workshop he showed me a magnificent Roman Missal from 1883 with superb silver fittings on the cover.  The book needs restoration and then the family (a deceased cardinal) wants to sell it.  I’ll get photos when it is ready.  It’ll be a fine treasure once it’s been worked on.

Speaking of chess boards… BLACK to move and win material. Not hard.

Interested in learning or improving?  Try THIS.

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  1. Kentucky Gent says:

    2.Bxd4 Qxd4+
    3.Kf1 (or g2) Ne3+ wins the queen

  2. Amina says:

    The chalice looks like a medieval holy grail – guard it with your life.

    ( Lord, I am not worthy, indeed. )

    I would think linen might scratch it, maybe a soft Chammis

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