ROME 22/10 – Day 6: Of eyes and heads and ligaments

Up came the Roman sun this morning at 7:10 and down it will go at 18:46.  The days shorten in more than one way.   The Ave Maria should still ring at 17:00.  The Feast of St. Bruno graces the traditional calendar.

Qui pius, prudens, húmilis, pudícus,
Sóbriam duxit sine labe vitam,
Donec humános animávit auræ
Spíritus artus.

Again I am trying to give my MCL a bit of a rest. It’s not real bad, but I am not going to do much walking. This morning I was out, quite early before the sun; later I should go to the shops for something for supper.

A few shots from the last couple of days, since today I won’t collect many.

A lovely paper cone of freshly grated pecorino romano.

I’m about to use some for my lunch (all’amatriciana).

Oh… and the spaghetti with clams last night.


The “head of St. John the Baptist” at S. Silvestro in capite.

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Black to move.  Time is everything.

Remember the monks at Le Barroux and their good wine from the centuries dormant papal vineyards, now revived.   Thanksgiving isn’t all that far away.  How about some of their wine for your meal?

Here’s a ringing of the Angelus at Ss. Trinità dei Pelegrini and also the sanctuary bell for the beginning of Mass.

Watch for more, later.  I hope…


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  1. There’s a great sign inside San Silvestro, a painting of St. John the Baptist pointing to the viewer’s left (the moment of the “Ecce Agnus Dei”). It says, “Relic of the head of St. John the Baptist, first chapel on the left.” I always found it very clever.

  2. Kevinbell says:

    I hope you maximise your R&R time on this trip, Father. You’ve been through the mill more than most these past three years. Enjoy a bottle of wine on me. ??

  3. Kevinbell: Thanks. I really appreciate. And thanks for the donation. Perhaps I’ll be able to share it with The Great Roman™! So much better to enjoy it with someone who appreciates these good things that are material proofs of God’s love for us.

  4. pcg says:

    Fr. Z, happy to see you made it to Roma in one piece; sorry your knee is a spoiler.
    Treatment for MCL Injury:
    Application of an ice pack application to reduce swelling that occurs hours after the injury.
    Compression using an elastic bandage or brace.
    Elevating the knee.
    Pain relievers.

    And a few prayers and some good Italian wine goes a long way. Hope you have a great trip. Pray for us.

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