ROME 22/10 – Day 7: Fishy First Friday

Today, though it happened behind the buildings, the Roman sun arose on this First Friday at 07:11 and it will set with glorious light and color at 18:44.  The Ave Maria should be at 19:00.  It is the 451st anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto and, therefore, the Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary.

Today I offered Holy Mass for the intention of my Roman Sojourn Donors.

It’s hard to convey the light factor in Rome on any evening, but especially in October, which must have something to do with angle of the sun, the color of the buildings, and factors like humidity or the amount of dust in the air.

These are just past the prime hour, but  I was in with my knee up.

After Mass today, Clement XIV (Ganganelli) of happiest memory smiles upon my breakfast of toasted pane di Lariano and Patum Piperium.  It is indeed delicious on hot toast.  I brought this from home, but I shall make some of my own while I’m here.

They were setting up in Campo de’ Fiori.  Not so many people see this part.

Today I bought some postcards for the first time in decades.  I have a plan for them, of course.  I’ll use Italian post, so who knows how long they will be en route.

Black to move and win material.

As I did this puzzle, the organist across the way was practicing.


Yesterday’s puzzle…  no one?

I created a search box for online shopping at wdtprs dot com slash shop dot htm

Enter anything and search.  This is what I use when I have to buy something.  I may as well use my own links!  You will get a window saying that “The information you’re about to submit is not secure”. Ignore that and “send anyway”.  That’s a good way to shop online and give me a hand.


I did have a walk and the knee felt good.  I had a desire for a true Roman Friday meal from Er Filettaro… filetto di baccalà.

Here’s Roman Friday… note the bread with anchovy and butter.






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  1. Neal says:

    1. …gxf2+
    2. Kxf2 Ng4+
    3. hxg4 Qxe5

    [Well done.]

  2. Michael in NoVA says:

    Let’s see. I think I have the following moves (though I don’t fully know the notation):
    pawn-f2+ / Kf2 (any other move and next move is Qg2- mate)
    N-g4+ / doesn’t matter- probably pawn g4

    You lose a pawn and knight in exchange for a queen and pawn.

    [That’s the spirit!]

  3. Neal says:

    Yesterday’s puzzle:

    1. …e4
    2. fxe4 fxe4
    3. Kc3 Kc5
    4. Kd2 Kxc4
    5. Ke3 Kd5

    [Once white’s king moves away and allows Kc5 it’s going to go well for black.]

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