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I am happy to say that there is a new album of chant for ADVENT by Benedictines!

White to move and win material.  This is tricky.  Done right, at one point black should have 3 hanging pieces.  Things can change very quickly on this battlefield.

NB: I may hold comments with puzzle solutions a little longer than others so there won’t be “spoilers” for others.

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  1. Kentucky Gent says:

    White is down a rook, so 1.Bxe7 Nd3 just gets him back to equality. We need something more. Only 2 of blacks pieces are protected, the rest are hanging. Time to get more pieces into the attack. I would play

    1.Nb3 Nxb3
    2.Qxd5+ Kf8
    3.Bxe7+ Kxe7
    4.Re1+ Kf7
    5.Qxa8 and white is up an exchange.

    What if black moves the queen?

    1.Nb3 Qd8 (for example)
    2.Bxe7 Qxe7
    3.Qxd5+ etc.

    What if black captures the knight with the c-pawn?

    1.Nb3 cxb3
    2.Qxd5+ etc.

  2. PatS says:

    I think pawn to b4 sets it all up.
    – Black cannot accept that move as it would surrender the night and keep the white bishop hemmed on queen side.
    – If black takes the pawn, then Knight takes the pawn requiring black to take back with the night. Q takes the white bishop checking the king and then take the rook in the corner for another check.
    I haven’t looked at it beyond this but White is sitting very good in control (need to move the back-rank rook out of danger at some time.

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