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“The history of salvation is not a small event, on a poor planet, in the immensity of the universe. It is not a minimal thing which happens by chance on a lost planet. It is the motive for everything, the motive for creation. Everything is created so that this story can exist, the encounter between God and his creature.”

— Pope Benedict XVI
address at the opening of the 12th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, 6 October 2008

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From the new presepio at Ss. Trinità dei Pelegrini.

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White to move.

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3:16 isn’t just in John.

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  1. RJR says:

    1. Q-a3+ leaves little options for black

    1. … K-g1
    2. B-h7+ winning the black queen in exchange for the white bishop

    1…. Q-e2
    2. Q-e2 K-e2
    2. B-c6+ winning black’s bishop

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