My View For Awhile: Wind at my back

My sojourn in northern parts has come to an end. It was nice to hear and feel he crunch of snow underfoot. No more.

Here are a few sights and (hopefully they loaded) sounds of the last few days.


Comparison of portable bluetooth speakers.  Which one is mine?

Steaming the 5 year old Christmas pudding.  This was made in 2017.

Lots of Korean chicken in several preparations.

The pudding.

Porkchops stuffed with capicola, goat cheese with lavender, and sundried tomato.


The mise en place for swordfish alla siciliana.

The pan preparation goes over the steaks and into a 400F+ oven for a while.

At the airport… same terminal… diametrically different experience.  Whereas a few days ago there was total chaos, today there is hardly anyone here.

I contemplated lunch here for a moment, assuming that it would by sort of chinesey.  However, considering the title, and considering that when I was studying Chinese I made sure to learn the characters for companion animals, I opted out.  It’s just too easy to get things just a little wrong.

Club virually empty.  Lunch was obtained.

More later.  I hope it is intensely boring.

I am not forgetting to pray for the soul of Pope Benedict XVI.


Would it be holiday travel without some chaos? For one reason or another the gate agent was allowing way too many bags to be carried into the cabin. This resulted in a scramble to get smaller bags down and under seats and then shuffle rollaboards into overhead bins all over the plane. The very tall stewardette with a hybrid mullet & high ‘n tight announced that, in order to get going we needed to cooperate or she would cooperate for us. Furthermore it would up that there was one to many person on board. Were we late getting out of the gate? Why, yes! We were!

Apparently we are sorted out now and the door is closing.

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  1. BW says:

    Lagavulin. Very complex Islay, if a tad expensive. I recommend Banabuhein. It’s a similar flavour profile with a tad more peat, but slightly cheaper (at least here in Old Blighty).

    Whiskey is always a good drink to toast the passing of good men. Appropriate today.

  2. TonyO says:

    Is that Figgy Pudding? Or some other sort?

  3. hwriggles4 says:

    Fr. Z:

    I don’t know if you like Gaetanos restaurant or 312 beer, but I am glad you weathered the crowds and got home safe. Your patience pays off too.

    As much as I like Southwest Airlines I am glad I was able to drive this Christmas.

  4. acardnal says:

    What are those red things that appear to be pitted in the second photo?

    I’ve had grilled swordfish but without any sauce.
    The pork chops and Korean wings look very appetizing!! I’ve never had Korean wings.

    Happy New Year.

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