Happy 17th Birthday to the Blog!

Happy 17th birthday to this blog.

I cannot say adequately how grateful I am to you, especially long-time readers.  It’s like a parish which has developed over the years.

To my benefactors, those who have been sending ad hoc or monthly donations by subscription or items from my wishlist.  Lately I have been saying daily Mass regularly for your intention, a couple times a week (virtually everyday when I was in Rome).

The way I figure it, since I now rely on you more than ever, more than ever I raise your intention to God at the altar and I do so with great pleasure and gratitude.

That first post, 17 years ago.

It was a cold winter evening in Rome…

… I posted this photo, taken from my apartment window.

Here is a shot across the City on the night that His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI was elected to succeed the late Pope John Paul II as Bishop of Rome and Vicar of Christ. It is not very often that the Apostolic Palace is also illuminated in the manner we see in this photo.

St. Peter's and Apostolic Palace - 19 April 2005

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  1. OneTradMale says:

    Happy 17th Birthday to Fr Z’s Blog! And many more!

    On this day, I’d just like to thank you for all the fascinating things you have brought up and all the light you have shed on confusing topics. I know I can count on this blog for a helpful source of information.

    God bless! You’ll be in my prayers Fr Z!

  2. Not says:

    You have done well raising this 17 year old Father Z. You have given him a lot of knowledge, a plethora of Church History, a true sense of devotion, a sense of humor, a little correction from time to time, great food recipes. We hope and pray he is around for many years to come.

  3. Kathy T says:

    Gosh I think I’ve been reading your blog 17 years! As a convert at 50 I have depended on you for information and explanations. Thank you for this blog and a very happy birthday to it

  4. Happy Anniversary! I think I’ve been reading this almost as long as it’s been here. You are on my prayer list always.

  5. Mariana2 says:


    This convert has depended on you for r e a l knowledge of things Catholic for years and years. Many thanks!

  6. Lurker 59 says:

    Happy 17th Blog Birthday!

    Speaking on behalf of all those who have, are, and shall lurk here your silent followers: We thank you for what you have done to spread the Gospel, encourage devotion to the Sacred Liturgy, awareness of the importance of what and how we are to pray, brought people to a desire to repent of their sins, and, above all, the joy and beauty that is an authentic Catholic life, which is a foretaste that ever looks in yearning towards that life in heaven where we truly will live the life of Christ.

  7. Mike says:

    While I’ve not agreed with everything you’ve said on this blog, you have moved me closer to the Lord and his Church, for which I owe an inexpressible debt of gratitude! Multos annos!

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