ATTENTION – New Site! “Reverent Catholic Mass Let Us Help You Find a Reverent Catholic Church Near You!”

I bring to the attention of the readership and interesting site called

Reverent Catholic Mass

Let Us Help You Find a Reverent Catholic Church Near You!

The site reads:

Trying to find a reverent Catholic Mass or acquire resources to grow personally and encourage your church to worship with reverence?

Reverent Catholic Mass will help you:

        • Locate Catholic churches near you that offer Mass with reverence.
        • Get inspired to work on your own spiritual life. Because you can’t give what you don’t have.
        • Discover ways to encourage more reverent church worship and pious devotions at your parish.
        • Tactfully motivate others to join the effort to reinvigorate your parish.We believe that with the right resources, every Catholic can join a supportive, reverent Mass community.

There is an interactive map available and a PREMIUM map (to which I do not have access)



This is important, especially now that we see a large slice of the hierarchy AT WAR upon the faithful who have traditional inclinations.

We are our rites.  Liturgy is doctrine.   Reverence in worship is key.

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  1. Michael says:

    I’ve used this site a number of times in my travels around the country (I live in my vehicle, so I’ve definitely been to a large number of different parishes – at least 200). This site is fairly accurate, but since it’s simply based upon reports from individual laity and what each of them may consider reverent, I have found it to be a little less than accurate at times. However, all in all it is a good site and does give one a relatively reasonable chance of finding a reverent Mass.

  2. Jim Dorchak says:

    Sadly there are NO reverent Masses in Chile. The whole country has NONE! (at least none on the map). I would guess that the SSPX chapel would and should qualify but unfortunately it is over 12 hours away from my home. Jim in Chile

  3. Cafea Fruor says:

    What a great idea! I’ve recently moved from one state to another, so this could be really helpful in pointing me to a good church to attend.

  4. PMK says:

    Happy to see my parish on the map!

  5. OzReader says:

    Does anyone know of a similar tool applicable to Australia?

  6. majuscule says:

    I believe the churches in my area on the map have at least one TLM along with their reverent NO Masses. Which might be a good indication of something!

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  8. Sportsfan says:

    My reverence meter must be out of whack. The two parishes that are closest to me on this site I don’t find very reverent at all.
    Maybe by “reverent” they mean “not as goofy as the other nearby parishes.”

  9. Enat Basil says:

    The other nice site! We get a pack of five or six young Chinese Catholic friends studying/working in different EU countries get together every Christmas (we cannot return home because there’re no Christmas holidays in China). Usually we will stay at a pilgrimage site or sanctuary and drive around to explore. Every morning we would dedicate sometime to “where’s today’s mass” & “where’s today’s dinner” discussion before and after our group rosary. Since we are all “liturgical conservatives” and there is a “rigid” trad lives in Germany whom was traumatized by NO, so we mostly use Latin Mass Directory, IMass’ “find a mass”, and other local “ci-devant” Ecclesia Dei communities’ websites. Now our google maps are dotted with TLM (including SSPS) chapels and places offer “NORMAL mass*” all across EU (* “subnormal mass” example: “naked priests” offering mass wearing only clerical shirts instead of vestments; lay woman giving homilies; curious and awkward “group activities” during the mass, etc.) .

    Speaking from experiences, in Spain the best bet is always Opus Dei chapels. They are easy to find in most major cities: daily mass without communion in hands, no female altar servers, no lay Eucharist ministers, no waving during the peace, no drums and guitars, refined and sober homilies… very reverent and reasonable priests and congregations, they even use communion racks!
    In France, a golden rule is wherever you find good wine (good “terroirs”) you find good mass. “Map of France TLM chapels” generally corresponds with “Map of France Wine Regions”: the west past of Loire, Les Sables d’Olonne and Luçon areas currently yield the best Vendee wine and all have TLM chapels; at Clisson you could find the finest Muscadet Sèvre et Maine in supermarket, and 20 minutes’ train you reach Nantes where FSSP is stationed; Bordeaux has three TLM parishes in town and in general NO masses are sober and normal here; Burgundy area is heaven: imaging a 25 sqmi mountain town with four TLM chapels (in the same province with Dijion, which is an odd exception); Brittany is too cold to grow vines, but they have great ciders and full of traditional communities and monasteries…including some most “rigid” ones.

    at last, we found if a congregation’s average age is younger, with many young families and most people dress like attending job interviews (guys in our travel pack literately bring their “interview shoes”, suits and ties for Sunday/feastday masses), the mass there would mostly be “safe”.

  10. Centra Valley says:

    I checked the Diocese of Fresno and only found the two locations for the TLM. No Novus Ordo. In my home diocese of Springfield Ma, there were a few NO parishes.
    Without the late Msgr. Belluomini, and Rev Fr. Sotelo here in the Fresno diocese, there aren’t really any reverent NO masses. Most are filled with guitars and altar girls.
    There is hope for the diocese of Fresno though. There are some great newly ordained priests and more good men coming after them. Until there are more, Fresno is pretty much a liturgical wasteland.

  11. redneckpride4ever says:

    I actually suggested my territorial parish to this site awhile ago and it was added. Hopefully this site can get people to vote with their feet and vehicles.

    Remember folks, your territorial parish does not have to be your go-to. You might have to answer to Fr. Hugalot when its time to be married, but Msgr. Zuhlsdorf will always form you with edifying homilies when you fulfill your obligation in the next town over.

    [And pastors can marry those who present themselves at his parish. Canon 1109. Unless the local ordinary and pastor have been excommunicated, interdicted, or suspended from office or declared such through a sentence or decree, by virtue of their office and within the confines of their territory they assist validly at the marriages not only of their subjects, but also provided at least one of the parties is ascribed to the Latin Church, those who are not their subjects.]

  12. UnwaffledAnglican says:

    Glad to see Our Lady’s Maronite in Austin on there.

  13. fishonthehill says:

    I am the pastor of a parish mentioned on this website. I am edified, as the only other parishes of my Diocese mentioned are TLM parishes. Whereas, my parish has an occasional TLM (funeral, wedding, or baptism) and occasional ad orientem mass. I guess just doing the red and praying the black is still a rare bird!

  14. Danteewoo says:

    Thanks, Fr. Z. I just added a couple in my city.

  15. codycarver says:

    Having found the parish closest to me (and others around) on the interactive map, I’m forced to ponder how “reverent” is defined by this site.

  16. Urszula says:

    It is a big plus for parish websites to have a link to their LIVE Mass as it gives anyone the means to “try before you buy.”
    From what I have perused so far, many of the reverent Catholic Churches with amazing choirs, awesome priests delivering awesome homilies and celebrating reverent Masses (NO with some Latin) are in very wealthy neighborhoods/communities.
    Pope Francis remarked early in his papacy that priests should be shepherds with the smell of sheep. The problem is, there are rich sheep and poor sheep. The rich sheep seem to always get the very best and the shepherds really like shepherding and smelling like them. Maybe they need to trade places and start smelling like the poor sheep of whom many have never experienced “The Banquet” and have only been served Burger King.

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