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Card. Pell consecrated my regilded chalice on 5 November 2022 in Rome.  I will remember him at Mass when I use it.  He was friendly and good to me over the years.  Requiescat in pace.

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White, down a Rook, to move.

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I just started new candles in the chapel. They are pure beeswax, unbleached though not dark. They smell wonderful and burn cleanly. Bees are amazing. So are the Summit Dominicans who made them.

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  1. Neal says:

    1. Nxg6+ hxg6
    2. Qh3+ Bh6
    3. Qxh6#

  2. Charles E Flynn says:

    Damien Thompson has posted at The Spectator (UK) a piece Cardinal Pell wrote recently, about the Synod on Synodality:

    From The Catholic Church must free itself from this ‘toxic nightmare’


    By an enormous margin, regularly worshipping Catholics everywhere do not endorse the present synod findings. Neither is there much enthusiasm at senior Church levels. Continued meetings of this sort deepen divisions and a knowing few can exploit the muddle and good will. The ex-Anglicans among us are right to identify the deepening confusion, the attack on traditional morals and the insertion into the dialogue of neo-Marxist jargon about exclusion, alienation, identity, marginalisation, the voiceless, LGBTQ as well as the displacement of Christian notions of forgiveness, sin, sacrifice, healing, redemption. Why the silence on the afterlife of reward or punishment, on the four last things; death and judgement, heaven and hell?

  3. Synonymous_Howard says:

    1. Nxg6+ hxg6
    2. Qh3+ Bh6
    3. Qxh6#

  4. adriennep says:

    I too wonder about this Damien Thompson article. How do we know that Cardinal Pell actually wrote it? Isn’t it too convenient for a Cardinal Who Knew Too Much to suddenly die in Rome after Benedict’s passing, especially given recent progressive Italian media saying that the “conservative” Cardinals are out to get Francis? Now there cannot be more than two of those left.

  5. RJR says:

    1. N-g6+ p-g6
    2. Q-h3+ B-h6
    3. Q-h6 mate

  6. My take:

    White is down a Rook. White to move. Gotta dig that black King out.

    1. Nxg6 (forces) hxg6
    2. Qh3+ (forces) Bh6
    3. Qxh6#

  7. AA Cunningham says:

    Is that your own surplice or does it belong to the parish/chapel?

    [Definitely NOT mine.]

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