Items of good news and an ACTION ITEM!

Here are some bits of good news.

First, an amuse bouche.

Next, I had this note from someone where the TLM is celebrated by the FSSP:

Someone from work and with lots of prejudices came yesterday and he said he couldn’t believe the church was full and mostly of families and people younger than we are. He came late thinking he’d sit in the front pews anyway to watch “the show” instead he could barely find a free seat in the back and only because many were in line for confession.

Also, the Most Rev. Daniel J. Felton, Bishop of Duluth, personally went to the TLM parish to tell the people that they were going to continue and that he supported them. Michael Matt of The Remnant has a video about it.

I am so glad for this news. Bp. Felton is the successor to my dear and lamented friend, the late Bp. Paul Sirba.

Here’s a suggestion. Write the Bishop a snail-mail note of thanks. Be warm and positive. Perhaps organize a spiritual bouquet from your family or perhaps your own TLM community. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. I doesn’t have to be immediate. Kid art always helps, in my priestly experience. In any event, individuals should whip out pen, paper, envelope and stamp and get something in the mail. “Thank you for supporting the Latin Mass community in your diocese! I will say a Rosary for you.”

Most. Rev. Danil J. Felton
Bishop of Duluth
Diocese of Duluth
2830 E Fourth Street
Duluth, MN 55812

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  1. APX says:

    Some more good news, history was made a couple Sundays ago when, for the first time in almost 30 years, the Diocesan Bishop of Calgary came to visit our Latin Mass community, preached at our Mass, and stayed afterwards for coffee to visit with everyone.

  2. tsec24a says:

    Some rare good news out of Minnesota. Proof it isn’t the whole state that is going insane.

  3. Orual says:

    Question for you, Fr. Z: In your opinion, would it be a good idea to write a similar thank-you letter to any bishop who still allows the TLM in some capacity in his diocese? My bishop has implemented some restrictions since TC: no TLMs before 1 pm and has further forbidden any TLM during the Triduum or Christmas Eve. Sacraments in the old rite are also now forbidden. However, we still have our Sunday Mass and 2 weekday Masses.

    I’m not sure if that comes across as groveling or a sincere thank you for the little we have. Or is it better to leave well enough alone?

  4. Orual: Thanks for asking that. By all means do send a note of thanks. As a matter of fact, it is good to organize the occasional spiritual bouquet, say for his anniversaries (ordination, coming to the diocese, etc.). Kid art helps, too.

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