Daily Rome Shot 704

Today I begin the trek to Rome, via NYC. However, a friend sent this.

He wrote:

Billboards have appeared all around Rome extolling the traditional Roman liturgy. They feature an image of Pope Pius V, or Pope John Paul II, or Pope Benedict XVI, along with a quotation from one of their writings about the TLM

UPDATE: Story about this HERE

Meanwhile, …

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White to move.

NB: I’ll hold comments with solutions ’till the next day so there won’t be “spoilers” for others.

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Good wine from the monks of Le Barroux.

No special chess news other than that something I ordered (2 pairs of promotion queens) from House of Staunton (I am an affiliate now) arrived on time and well-packaged.

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And another…

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  1. Synonymous_Howard says:

    1. Bc4+ Rf7
    2. Bxf7+ Kh8
    3. Ng6#

  2. VForr says:

    Safe travels, Father Z! Looking forward to the blog posts to come.

  3. Dustin F, OCDS says:

    1. Bc4+ Kh8
    2. Ng6#

    1. Bc4+ Rf7
    2. Nxf7 . . . wins the rook outright

  4. Neal says:

    1. Bc4+ Kh8
    2. Ng6#

  5. Archlaic says:

    This must be setting some teeth on edge in Rome… “Bravo”, I say! A day or a dollar (or a lira) spent annoying the likes of +Roche, Grillo, et al is never a wasted one!

  6. JustaSinner says:

    Romans and the Papacy; a long and sometimes contentious relationship.

  7. Cliff says:

    1. Bc4+ Rf7 (Kg8 would be suicide by Kg6#)
    2. Kxf7 . . .
    3. Ke5 . . .
    4. Kg6#

  8. Kathleen10 says:

    We appreciate the Rome posters, they give a lift to Catholics all over the world. We have no voice, Rome has spit in our face and turned it’s back on Christ and on us as well. It’s a nice reprieve from the barrage, for a moment we have a voice. Actually we enjoyed the original Rome posters more. Now that was satisfaction. Nobody wants to be pointlessly nasty, but, what have Catholics endured for a decade. Aren’t we allowed to feel that satisfaction.
    We watch not helplessly, but with a feeling of resignation, the barrage of junk that now passes for Catholicism emanating from Rome. They are going after the TLM, but it is the mainstream Novus Ordo that will disappear.

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